Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Hunter's B-day and other stuff....

Yesterday was my sweet baby boy's 4th birthday! I am the mother of a 4 year old, really??? I just cannot believe how fast the time has gone by. Hunter is very smart, hilarious, and compassionate. I am a VERY lucky mommy!!!

Here we are leaving Red Robin
his favorite restaurant

Save our world!!!

1st real baseball glove!

The BIG surprise.

Woo Hoo a train table!

Playing with Daddy

Cake time!

Obviously I made the cake.
Luckily he is 4 and doesn't really
care what it looked like. He said
he wanted chocolate cake with

Enough pictures!

YAY!! May all your wishes
come true sweet boy!

Today was Ella's 2 hour evaluation at the Guild School. Talk about rough, well on me not on her. I go in there thinking she is going to blow them out of the water, which she did do WONDERFUL, but instead I am just shown all I see are the things that she is not doing. There were 4 therapists doing her evaluation, it was quite interesting. So, I learned that Ella's trunk muscles are very weak, which I was not aware of. They want her to try some different braces for her ankles, they also want to try some things for her hips which are apparently very weak, either some shorts things are straps, I'm not really sure about that, they want her to meet with an orthopedist soon. There were other little things like they set three objects in front of her and asked her to pick the ball and she would get something else, stuff like that. I don't know why it effected me the way it did. I guess I am always of the mind set that Ella is doing so good so when things are pointed out to me that she is behind in it hurts my heart a bit. Anyhow, tomorrow we are meeting with the schools pediatrician for 45 minutes then the therapists are supposed to go over Ella's scores with me and let me know the plan from there. I am very excited about her going to this school, there is SO much equipment there that they use with the kids and they are all very nice and you can tell that they love their jobs. Well, I guess I better get to bed!!!


Mommy to those Special Ks said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY HUNTER!!!! Red Robin is Kameron's favorite restaurant too!

As for Ella and the evals... I hate eval time! LOL Just focus on beautiful Ella and how well she IS doing and remember evals are just a number. It's hard, I know.

Melissa @ Banana Migraine said...

Happy birthday Hunter!! What a fun day. I love the cake - I think you did a great job!

Ella IS doing very well - don't worry about what the evaluation says. Think of it as good input, but continue to focus on the fact that she's been making you proud and doing really well at her own pace.

Our Story: Continued said...

I love his cake! Connor and Darah are super jealous of the train table...we just have NO ROOM!! LOL! Happy Birthday, big boy!

Melanie said...

Happy Birthday Hunter.

I understand the disappointment you felt when Ella got evaluated. She IS doing great...it's just no fun to have someone point out the little things that you don't think about everyday. Stay positive! Sounds like a great school! What kind of school is it?? When does she start there?

Michelle said...

Happy 4th birthday to Hunter! Looks like he had a fun time!

Hugs to you on the evaluation; I think we all go through those emotions. As the parent we focus on all the things are kids are doing, but the therapists' job is to focus on what they aren't doing so they know what to work on...make sense? Try not to get too caught up on all of that stuff, just look at it as ideas of what to do to work with Ella on her weaker areas (and we all have areas we are weak in!) Sounds like they want her to try the "hip huggers"

Shannon @ Gabi's World said...

Happy birthday Hunter! And the short things for Ella are probably the Hip Huggers. Gabi had them when she was small. Apparently they worked!

Robin said...

Happy Birthday Hunter!! email me when you get the chance ( I can't find your address in my list). I wanted to give some feedback on your eval (if you want to hear it, that is). :) Ladybug hugs sweet Ella!