Thursday, July 16, 2009

Bath time pics

Man, I don't know what it is but I have not had the desire to blog, maybe it's cause it's summer time and we seem to be busier?
Everything is going good here. I LOVE my job. Hunter is going to his Montessori preschool on the days that I work and does swimming lessons on my days off. Ella is....well, Ella. Most days are great. I'm having a hard time with her listening or rather lack there of. I'm thinking that her aide in her upcoming preschool definetly has her work cut out for her this fall. Otherwise she is doing great. She has more and more words all the time. Her current thing we had been working on is when I ask her her name she answers, "lella" occasionally she says it perfect but she definetly gets whats she is doing! She will point at me and say "mama" then point at herself and say "lella." I love it! She also points to her name tattoo'd on my wrist and says "lella" and points to Hunter's name and says "bubba." Yep, she can read, ha ha ha ha! Also, she is pooping in the potty at least 90% of the time, all her own doing, I never taught her anything she comes and pats her diaper and says "poop." The only time she really poops in her diaper is when she is with her dad, hmmm....what does that say? Perhaps he doesn't listen to her?? (I can write whatever I want about him because he NEVER reads this : ) Even when we are out shopping and she is riding in a cart she will tell me she has to poop and will hold it until we get to the bathroom. She is pretty awesome.
Oh yeah, question for you all....3 nights in the past 2 weeks we have had to go in to Ella's room to unwedge her leg from the slats of her crib. She starts crying, we go in and her leg is sticking out of the crib. Sad. BUT, I am SOOOO scared to move her to a toddler bed. She cannot be trusted!! I have images of her splashing in the toliet, downstairs in the kitchen eating etc...I would definetly have to baby gate her room to trap her in. But I am also scared of lack of sleep, both for her and I, not a good combo. So, how old was your kid with Ds when you moved them out of the crib???

On nights that Chris works and I work the following morning the kids and I spend the night with my mom. Chris doesn't get off of work till 7am and I have to be at work at 7:30am and have to leave at about 6:50, anyhow it is just so much easier to not wake up the kids and get them ready and then take them to my mom (who THANK God watches the kids and shuttles them around to school so Chris can sleep and I can work!) Anyhow, my mom has a really cool spa tub also known as "nana's huge tub." The kids love it! These pics are from Ella's first bath in it, Hunter has had many : )

Um, there is something
on my head....

Oh, ok, it's funny.

I like this pic
of Hunter
She is saying "ME"
about something.
"Thank You."
These are my favorite....

Sunday, July 5, 2009

July 4th in pictures

Here is a butt load of pictures : ) I took 250 so consider yourself lucky I didn't post them at all, ha ha! We, Chris the kids and I and mom and Dusty, spent the 4th with my friend Jenny and her family at Newman Lake (just outside of Spokane) at her in-laws beautiful house! We had a lot of fun!!!

Oh yeah, and introducing Hunter's new hair do. He's asked for it for 4 months so I finally caved. I assure you though that he will not go to his first day of Kindergarten looking like this : )

The house we were at.