Tuesday, June 21, 2011

T-ball videos

I took some video of Ella at her t-ball game Tuesday night! It had already been a long day starting with Hunter's piano lesson and then off to Hippotherapy (horse therapy) for an hour and a half of working with and riding the horses in the hot sun. Ella really does like t-ball, well the hitting and running the bases part and not so much the standing in the field part, and I'm glad that we signed her up! The girls on her team are all really nice to her. You will notice in the pics and video that Ella does not have her glasses on. Apparently sunscreen plus heat plus running around means that Ella's glasses will NOT stay up and will make her very angry. Not sure how we will resolve that one.....

Tonight we had a very cute little boy come to watch Ella play ball.... Beau!!! His family just moved up here and we are happy they did!!!<

Monday, June 13, 2011

Ella funnies and t-ball pics

I've had this sitting as a draft since the end of May and just kept adding to it so I suppose it's time to press Publish Post : ) Ella is talking like crazy these days, I cannot believe how well she is doing in that area all of a sudden. And let me tell you, the girl is FUNNY. I do not know where she comes up with some of the things she says. Here are a few of her "stories."

I was sitting with Ella while she was eating her half "peanut butter honey" sandwich for lunch after school, and I told her I was glad she had a good day at school and she says "yeah Stephanie (I can't even pretend to write her name like Ella pronounces it) naughty." Stephanie is Ella's amazing Para at school. I said "Stephanie was naughty?" "Yeah," she says. I asked her what Stephanie did that was naughty and Ella says "TO ME!" Stephanie was naughty to you? "Yeah! Make me potty 2 times." She made you try to go potty 2 times? "Yeah Stephanie naughty."

On a different day...

Ella is sitting on the potty and I tell her to push. Push like you have to toot and she says "No toot. I fart," I must have smiled (though I was trying not to) because she looks at me and smirks and says " I fart. I fart. I fart." Well just about then Chris comes in to tell us goodbye because he was heading into work for the night and Ella tells him "Daddy I fart," Nice he says. Then he gives Ella a quick kiss on the head and says bye. "Daddy huggy!" she says holding her arms up for a hug. So he leans down and gives her a quick hug and she says "more hug!" So he bends down gives her another quick hug and says "you stink." Ella looks at him, waves her finger at him and says "CHRIS get outta my face." I of course start laughing hysterically (I know totally inappropriate but seriously the kid is funny,) and she looks at me and says "MOM no laugh. Relax."

This past Monday..

We were at the eye doctor getting her glasses fixed....and the nurse walked out of the room. I was bending down talking to Ella and saw that she had brown stuff on her shirt. I asked her if she painted at school. She said "yes I paint brown." I asked her what she painted, "a castle" she replies. I said a castle? She says "yes. Ella the princess. Hunter the king. And you da frog mommy. " Seriously, I have to be the frog??? She repeated this over and over all night long, but once we got home she added Daddy in as a prince, but me....I'm still just da frog.

On Tuesday we were at Fred Meyer and I was waiting for the bakery lady to finish cutting our bread and we were standing right in front of the cookies and cakes. Ella starts yelling to the bakery worker "hey girl! Girl! Hey Girl! Girl I want a cookie!!" I said, no Ella you can't have a cookie we are going to go home and have dinner. Ella says "okay girl (pretending that the bakery worker is actually talking to her.) Girl said yes cookie." Nice try. She actually does that a lot, asks me something and if I say no she will say "daddy says yes."

If you tell her to do anything Ella will call you a "bossy hossy!" Last night I was telling her that she needed to be a big girl and a good listener and she said "no mom I'm small." I said well small girls need to be good listeners too, she said "no mom I sincess (princess)," I said EVEN princess' have to be good girls and she says "no mom I a boy."

We've haven't been going to private therapies for a few months now, and are about to start back now that Ella is out of school. I'm hoping that we can figure out a way to make Ella speak louder (though I am sure that I will regret that) because she has a very very soft voice. The poor kid will try to talk to me in the van and even though she sits right behind me and I turn the radio off I still can not hear her. Luckily most of the time Hunter is there to interpret for me, but when he is not I feel so bad cause I can't hear her. She can scream, though it's not very loud, but she has to be extremely pissed off (mostly at me) and even when she does her voice quality is not very good so she is hard to understand.

Ella is playing t-ball on a "typical" team. It is um....interesting. She loves to hit the ball and loves running the bases but is not so patient when playing in the field. I will say though that during practice they do stand in the field a lot and there is a lot of down time while the coach hits to each girl. So, hopefully when the games start this week the pace will pick up a little. It is so cute to watch her run the bases, those legs are SO short. Yesterday the coach had Ella be the line leader and run the bases and told the other girls that they were not allowed to pass her. The giant smile on Ella's face and the giggles coming out had to be about the cutest thing ever. All of the girls are really good with Ella. The first practice had me worried though. They all kept asking if she was really on the team and how old she was because she is so small. At one point one of the little girls asked Ella's friend from preschool if Ella was REALLY on the team and her little friend Xochitl said "Yes! And she is my friend!!!" Um, yeah I LOVE that girl : ) Anyhow the girls all like to sit next to Ella while they are waiting in line and they all giggle together and tickle each other....it's is just so great. Here are some pics from the first practice!

Waiting in line to bat

In line to run

Ready stance

Xochitl and Ella ready to bat!

Running the bases!