Tuesday, June 21, 2011

T-ball videos

I took some video of Ella at her t-ball game Tuesday night! It had already been a long day starting with Hunter's piano lesson and then off to Hippotherapy (horse therapy) for an hour and a half of working with and riding the horses in the hot sun. Ella really does like t-ball, well the hitting and running the bases part and not so much the standing in the field part, and I'm glad that we signed her up! The girls on her team are all really nice to her. You will notice in the pics and video that Ella does not have her glasses on. Apparently sunscreen plus heat plus running around means that Ella's glasses will NOT stay up and will make her very angry. Not sure how we will resolve that one.....

Tonight we had a very cute little boy come to watch Ella play ball.... Beau!!! His family just moved up here and we are happy they did!!!<

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Heidi Ehle said...

Oh my! She is too darn cute for words! Those little legs going just get me every time! :) BTW nice to "meet" you both!