Friday, March 21, 2014

Happy World Down Syndrome Day!!

Today is World Down Syndrome Day!!! I went into Ella's 1st grade class and read a story about Down syndrome and Ella handed out yellow and blue cake pops to all the kids. The kids asked great questions! At the end Ella's teacher handed Ella a folder full of cards that her classmates made for her. Reading through them brought tears to my eyes! THIS is inclusion working!!!

 You are one of my best friends. You are awesome

You are fun and you are a good friend and you are nice you are my hero you are the nicest friend

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Sledding Day!!!

We took the kids sledding today! It was a blast! Ella really surprised me at how well she did, she must have walked up the hill 50 times!!!

Friday, January 10, 2014

A Big Haircut

Ella has been fighting me when I brush her hair lately. To her credit her hair has been ridiculously tangled. I think the cause of it was her "leash" that goes from her hearing aids and clips on the collar of her shirt. We decided it was time to cut her hair.

Getting her hair washed for the first time at a salon.
She was feeling pretty big : )
The first big cut

There was a whole lot of hair on the ground!  Sadly it was not long enough for us to donate to Locks of Love
Then Ella requested to go under the dryer
She was quite pleased with herself!
All styled up....which it never will be again because I do not own, nor know how to use a curling iron.
Beautiful girl!!!

I am happy to report that Ella LOVES her haircut (so do I) and it is super easy to brush!!!!

Thursday, October 31, 2013

31 for 21: Happy Halloween!!!!!!

Happy Halloween!!!! We had a GREAT day! The kids were both so much fun this year!  Their school didn't do parties but did fun activities throughout the day, and they wore their costumes to school.

Ella was "Oreo" (Ariel!)
Hunter was a very handsome military man. "Delta Force" to be exact.

Princess wave and a salute!

Yikes...Hunter what is that thing next to you????
Oh, it's your father.

When Hunter came in and took off his camo shirt I was shocked at just how much it reminded me of Chris. This is what Chris looked like for much of our marriage, when he would come home from work and take off his camo shirt, black t shirt and camo pants. Crazy.
The kids telling eachother about their day. So sweet.

Man I love these two.
Guitar practice! He has memorized Ode to Joy and can play it without the sheet music in front of him!

Nana came over and brought presents!!!!
These little flashlights were a huge hit with both!

We had Jack O Lantern pizzas and then got ready to go trick or treating.

Wait!!!  Where did Hunter go? I can't see him!!!!
Ella was NOT a fan of Chris' suit.
moving closer
I will stand beside Bubba!!!

She finally warmed up to Daddy!  I have to say that Ella did 500% better trick or treating than she ever has. She did not try to go into anyone's house and she never once complained that she was tired!  Every 30 seconds or so she would say " I love trick or treating!"