Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Ella Reading

Here is a video of Ella reading a book sent home with her from school. They sent a different one home with her last week, the same style, and she really struggled. Even crying because she couldn't get it. So, her teacher sent me an email and said to read this book TO Ella and make her responsible for saying the word "at" and "the." "The" is one of the words, for whatever reason, Ella just could NOT get last week. So I open the book and Ella takes off reading the entire thing, with NO errors the first time through. Then I asked if I could record her reading and she said sure! You can tell when she gets distracted....you know like when a dog runs over your book....but she did so good! I am so proud of her! Click HERE if you can't view the video above.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Puppy Love

Our Ruby dog decided to try sleeping on Hunter's beanbag chair today.
And just when she got nice and comfy Ella attacked with her....blow dryer?
I can only imagine what Ruby was thinking.
Ella was having a great time drying her (though she wasn't wet) and styling her hair : )

Thank goodness Ruby LOVES Ella and is SO patient with her and pretty much lets Ella do whatever she wants to her.
I think Ruby loves the love...even when it is a bit rough and squishes her : )