Friday, April 16, 2010

Easter pics

Here are a bunch of Easter pictures, in no particular order. We did have two Easter's, one a couple of weeks early because my mom was heading out of town (which is why there are two different hair do's for Ella!!)

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Ella talking take 1....

I had a couple of requests after the dancing video to try and capture Ella talking on camera, easier said then done!! Anyhow, here is a litle talking we did one morning last week. I don't really understand why it is but some days she talks clear as a bell and uses a couple of word phrases. Some days it's all mixed up. ALL days however, if you put her on the spot she doesn't do as well. Ella talks best when she does it on her own, on her own time!

Oh yeah, I need to add that Ella's face is a mess because she had Impetigo and her hair is in her Brett Michaels bandana thing because I was trying to keep her face all lotioned up : )

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Dinner conversation......kind of

Hunter had soccer practice tonight so it was just kind of a wing it dinner night. I decided to give Ella high fiber oatmeal sprinkled with some Miralax : ) So she climbs up in her chair and I put the oatmeal in front of her. She pushes it away (which is so unlike Ella, the kid LOVES to eat,) so I push it back in front of her and Ella says "don't like it," and pushes it away again. Um....what did you just say? A. I'm in shock because she just put three words together unprompted and B. I'm in shock because since when does she not like anything? So I push it back in front of her and say "Ella, yes you do like oatmeal," to which she replies "I DON'T LIKE IT." Okay. So I sit down next to her with my dinner and begin eating. I ask her "Ella do you want your oatmeal now?" to which she replies "don't WANT it." Alrighty then. So I just ignore her and continue eating my food. Finally she pulls the bowl in front of her and takes a bite "MMMMMMM soup!" I laugh and tell her that it is actually oatmeal and she says "OH! Oatmeal!" All of this is clear as a bell and I understand everything she is saying. After she gets done I wipe her up and get her down out of her seat and asked her if she liked her oatmeal after all to which she replies "it's soup!" laughs and runs away. I am having more and more of these little conversations or exchanges and it thrills me to no end!!
Here are some pics of Ella at her class pool party at school last week (her teacher is so brave!!)

This first one is Ella during circle time right before they swam, Ella is the really short one just in case you couldn't spot her in the middle of her peers : )

And last but certainly not least Hunter pulled out his very first tooth last week. He has been waiting all school year for this because there is a chart in his Kindergarten class and when you lose a tooth your name gets to go on it! Big stuff let me tell ya : )