Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas pics

Ok, so I totally give up trying to write text beside the pictures. So, this first group are my attempts at a photo of the kids for Christmas cards. The second group (Ella in the santa dress) are Ella's little Christmas activities at preschool, (quick story, the pic of her standing under the two columns of names....everyday when Ella goes into class she has to find her name on a laminated pencil and put it in a pocket with her name on it, then she goes to the question of the day, anything from "have you ever tasted a gingerbread cookie," to "what do you like better, apples, oranges, or bananas?" Well, Thursday's question was "which Santa list are you on?" scroll down to see Ella's answer :)
And the last group of pictures are from the Down syndrome Connections group Christmas Party!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Lately Ella has been all about wearing hats at home. Especially this one made by Kristen (Cayman's mommy) for Ella last year,
she even wore it with her PJ's while putting up the tree....

So, I asked dear sweet Kristen if I could pay her to make two more hats for Ella. She said yes, I picked out colors and in less than a week she made them and they are on Ella's head. I got them in the mail today and she wore one to school, already I have received lots of complements on the hats from Ella's teachers and a few parents and have gotten a request for Kristen's name and email!! Thank you so very much Kristen, for making my girl some really stylin hats : ) These hats are just too cute, so I had to have Ella model them tonight : ) Here ya go.....

PS - Blogger is really starting to annoy the crap out of me. When I upload pics it won't let me drag them to where I want them, I literally have to more them inch by inch (because when they upload they are all at the top...) and now it won't let me write beside the pics either, it lumps all text together even though before I press publish it is where I want it to be. Any suggestions???