Sunday, April 27, 2008

Mostly Pics!

Here is Hunter on his new bike
that he got in the mail on Friday

Swinging at the park

Don't stop!
I always get pics of this face
cause it always makes me laugh.

She loves to slide too!

Hunter in the tunnel

Oh, his face just melts me!

Here is what happens after a long
day! She just folds in half and goes
to sleep!

Crashed on the couch!

Check out our friend Piper's blog, they have some exciting news!!!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Ella's Day at School

I finally remembered to take my camera with me to Ella's school. I tried to document in pictures this part of her day!

First they do circle time, here they are singing a song about a hat, it goes something like this,

I wish I had a special hat to put upon my head

I'd take it off, and tap tap tap

and put it on again!

see how tiny she is compared to the other kids!

Here she had to choose between two stamps, and now she is getting one!

"Seriously mom, STOP taking pictures, you are SO embarrassing!"

After circle time, Ella has to put her own chair away, and pushes it across the room

Telling the physical therapist that she would rather be up doing something over there.

Doing her side situps off of the Physical therapists lap, she reaches down and picks up a toy....

then pulls herself back up and puts her toy here. This is really hard work for her!

Here she is sitting on a bolster which makes her balance also working her core, and she bends forward to pick up toys and then sits back up.

climbing up the slide, her favorite part of PT

and going down

Here she is doing her art project, she has to pick which color flower she wants

then paint on her glue, no matter how hard it is not to put it in her mouth

and now she is pushing tissue paper into the glue

now we jump to after lunch and she is sitting on the bench in the bathroom waiting her turn to wash hands. Notice her PT is holding her down, she doesn't like to sit!

washing her hands like a big girl

admiring her beautiful face in the mirror

drying her hands

throwing away her paper towel

I get a little sad every once in a while watching her at school. I have the "it's not fair" feeling. A 19 month old baby should not have to do all this stuff and should not have to go to school. But, I realize that Ella learns different than other kids and that this is definitely the best place for her. They do not cut her any slack. Just because she can't walk does not mean she gets carried anywhere. They stand her up and walk her everywhere, and make her do everything the other kids are doing. She is by far the youngest kid in her class but she is doing really good! I'm so proud of her!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Two weeks ago we were at a pediatrician appointment, we were waiting in the exam room and they had wall paper with cats all over it. I kept pointing at them and telling Ella "Kitty, meow." Well a few minutes into it I stopped and Ella was standing on my lap, pointed over my shoulder and said "Diddy, ROAR." It was so stinking cute!! She did it over and over. So, I told my mom this story and she had to go buy Ella a "diddy" and send it here. Here are some pics of her....
Fresh out of the bath

Diddy goes in the mailbox
Now takes a nap
Hi! I covered up my Diddy!
Coming in for a kiss
She actually fell asleep this