Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Ella's Day at School

I finally remembered to take my camera with me to Ella's school. I tried to document in pictures this part of her day!

First they do circle time, here they are singing a song about a hat, it goes something like this,

I wish I had a special hat to put upon my head

I'd take it off, and tap tap tap

and put it on again!

see how tiny she is compared to the other kids!

Here she had to choose between two stamps, and now she is getting one!

"Seriously mom, STOP taking pictures, you are SO embarrassing!"

After circle time, Ella has to put her own chair away, and pushes it across the room

Telling the physical therapist that she would rather be up doing something over there.

Doing her side situps off of the Physical therapists lap, she reaches down and picks up a toy....

then pulls herself back up and puts her toy here. This is really hard work for her!

Here she is sitting on a bolster which makes her balance also working her core, and she bends forward to pick up toys and then sits back up.

climbing up the slide, her favorite part of PT

and going down

Here she is doing her art project, she has to pick which color flower she wants

then paint on her glue, no matter how hard it is not to put it in her mouth

and now she is pushing tissue paper into the glue

now we jump to after lunch and she is sitting on the bench in the bathroom waiting her turn to wash hands. Notice her PT is holding her down, she doesn't like to sit!

washing her hands like a big girl

admiring her beautiful face in the mirror

drying her hands

throwing away her paper towel

I get a little sad every once in a while watching her at school. I have the "it's not fair" feeling. A 19 month old baby should not have to do all this stuff and should not have to go to school. But, I realize that Ella learns different than other kids and that this is definitely the best place for her. They do not cut her any slack. Just because she can't walk does not mean she gets carried anywhere. They stand her up and walk her everywhere, and make her do everything the other kids are doing. She is by far the youngest kid in her class but she is doing really good! I'm so proud of her!


Michelle said...

Wow, that seems like an amazing school! But, I totally understand what you mean - she's so tiny, why is she at school? But what an awesome opportunity for Ella. And she's just so darn adorable!

Jennifer said...

OK. OK. Proud Aunti Jenn has to make a couple comments. #1 O-M-G when did she get so darn BIG!!!! #2, love love love the picture next to the caption about how small she is. She looks like she is trying her hardest to pay attention. #3 seriously mom, you ARE so embarrasing. :) #4, putting her chair away? How CUTE is that? #5, picking purple? How fitting is that? and finally, washing her hands like a big girl....KC, she is so amazing and so talented. I think it's awesome that she is doing this. You are amazing and you have a beautiful daughter!!!!!

Melanie said...

She is doing so much at school! Makes her seem older than she is.
I am sure that it is the best thing for her. She is getting so many good experiences!

Melissa @ Banana Migraine said...

It looks like a great place! She is so cute - I love the glimpse into her day.

Unknown said...

I just loved looking at these pictures....Ella Grace you are just so precious.

The school looks wonderful.

Anonymous said...

Our little missy is so amazing! She looks like she has such a good time there! We showed cousin Shaylin how nicely Ella sits at school(the pic where she is so tiny) and told her when she goes to school she has to be just like Ella! She said she wants to go to school with Ella so they can be friends! I love the look she gave you like you could have had something better to do than take her pic! Ha! I love her smile on the slide-pure joy! Keep up the great work Kacy and Ella! Aunt Tami is proud of you and loves you bunches! Kisses to the kiddos (and one for you too)-Aunt Tami and family

Anonymous said...

Hi! U don't know me, but I'm a friend of Kristen, (mom of cayman!) And I notice all your comments so just outta curiousity I guess, I clicked on your page! I am so intrigued!! Ella Grace is such a beautiful little girl and is accomplishing so much for her age!! Looks like her school is working very hard with her and looks as though she enjoys it!!! WHICH IS GREAT!!! I am actually applying today for graduation and i will be graduating with my bachelors in Early Childhood with a minor in Special Education so your page has really excited me in the career and field I have chosen!! You must be so proud of her!!! Once again, she is beautiful!!! Thanks again, for what you have written!! And I really hope you dont mind me checking back every so often!!!

Anonymous said...

oops, if u do want to check out a little about me and who I am (i know there are some crazies out there!! I'd be checkin' just to make sure! :) I gave ya the wrong site!! It's

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean about the lil guys working so hard. When I was telling a friend about how much Riley was sleeping she pointed out that not many guys his age were going for an intense workout at the "gym" twice a week. We are so lucky to have the Guild School. Our kiddos are amazing and I'm hoping they get to be in the same class at school when Riley gets to move to group.

The Bliss Family said...

Ella looks like she is having a blast at school. I wonder if they have a similar school over in Seattle? She looks beautiful.


Mary said...

Love the embarrassing comment and picture! It sounds very similar to the school Leah will attend, starting September! I, too, cannot believe she will be attending school so young.

Amy Flege said...

wow she is in school already?? she is sooo young. what kind of school is it/

Dena said...

that's so fun - they wouldn't let me go to class with Annie!

About Nancy said...

How absolutely precious! Thanks for sharing.

Kim said...

She is doing great!

Kelly said...

Hmmm, she looks pretty big girl to me! Look at all the responsibility she gets to have! Yes, it is a bit of a bummer that they have to start school so early, but the difference it makes is so noticable.