Saturday, November 10, 2007

We are out of here!

Okay, so those pictures have nothing to do with this post, took them a couple of weeks ago on a very rare cool day here in Texas, and thought they were cute. (though it looks like Ella is holding her self up with her belly, it's big but not as big as it appears in the picture : )

We are leaving on Tuesday for 25 days and heading up to Spokane, Washington. We were supposed to leave the following Saturday but Chris got called back for more testing with the police department for that Wednesday. My parents bought our tickets so it was cheaper for us to change our 3 tickets (Ella still rides in my lap) then to buy Chris one ticket. Plus my mom just called and moved our reservations for the apartments she rented up a few days, they will get there on Thursday. We are so excited. This will be the first time I have ever been there. Poor Hunter is so confused. He knows that we are moving to Spokane but I keep trying to explain to him that this trip is just a visit and we will be coming back here to Texas. Anyhow, I will not have any computer access while I am there so will not be posting. Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving!!!

Sunday, November 4, 2007

A few pics

Here is just a few pics I took this morning before church. Notice that it is November and Ella is still wearing a short sleeve dress and no tights, That's right, it's still in the high 80's here!

I forgot to mention but Ella had an appointment two weeks ago with the ENT and they decided that it is time for her to get tubes in her ears. She has only had one ear infection but every time we go there she has fluid in her ears. She kind of failed a hearing test about a month ago because of fluid and she still had it two weeks ago so tubes it is. I'm not really worried about it, I have been worried about her hearing though, not that I have ANY doubts that the child hears, but I want to make sure she is hearing everything very clearly as to not further delay her speech. I'm sure I will be nervous when the time comes but only because of the anaesthesia. The doctor said "well since she will already be under we might want to think about the adenoids and tonsils." I told him my concerns, swallowing mostly, and he talked to the doctor who will actually be doing her tubes and they decided it was just to risky this young. Thank you!! Again, I should be a doctor :) She will get the tubes in December when we get back from Spokane, we are leaving in a week and a half for almost 4 weeks, woo hoo!!!!!

Ella is doing great, she currently has about 5 bruises on her forehead, 2 from today alone. She is pulling up on everything and banging her head a lot along the way!!

This pic is from last week sometime. Her cheeks were horribly chapped!!! But I thought it was so cute, she looks so big standing at brothers desk, (which by the way she has pulled over on herself 3 times!!!)

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Blog Award!!

Yay, Kelly at nominated me for the One Sweet Treat to Read award! Thank you so much!!! I'm sure that reading what I write is not such a treat but the pics of my kids are sweet : ) It's funny, she told people to scroll down and look at the pictures of Ella in rollers and said it reminded her of the Farrah Faucett days, (I'm sure I spelled that wrong, oops.)

Here are some pics from Halloween. Hunter had a blast of course, anyday where people give him a lot of candy is a good day to him. Everyone seemed to get a big kick out of his costume, and we heard a quite a few times "Don't arrest me officer!" Which of course he found hilarious!!!

Poor Ella, she had been crying because I accidentally poked her in the eye : (

Hunter is showing off his muscles!!

Trick or Treat!

My sweet babies last year!!!