Sunday, November 4, 2007

A few pics

Here is just a few pics I took this morning before church. Notice that it is November and Ella is still wearing a short sleeve dress and no tights, That's right, it's still in the high 80's here!

I forgot to mention but Ella had an appointment two weeks ago with the ENT and they decided that it is time for her to get tubes in her ears. She has only had one ear infection but every time we go there she has fluid in her ears. She kind of failed a hearing test about a month ago because of fluid and she still had it two weeks ago so tubes it is. I'm not really worried about it, I have been worried about her hearing though, not that I have ANY doubts that the child hears, but I want to make sure she is hearing everything very clearly as to not further delay her speech. I'm sure I will be nervous when the time comes but only because of the anaesthesia. The doctor said "well since she will already be under we might want to think about the adenoids and tonsils." I told him my concerns, swallowing mostly, and he talked to the doctor who will actually be doing her tubes and they decided it was just to risky this young. Thank you!! Again, I should be a doctor :) She will get the tubes in December when we get back from Spokane, we are leaving in a week and a half for almost 4 weeks, woo hoo!!!!!

Ella is doing great, she currently has about 5 bruises on her forehead, 2 from today alone. She is pulling up on everything and banging her head a lot along the way!!

This pic is from last week sometime. Her cheeks were horribly chapped!!! But I thought it was so cute, she looks so big standing at brothers desk, (which by the way she has pulled over on herself 3 times!!!)


Michelle said...

Ella is so sweet, I want to kiss her little cheeks!!

How old is Ella now? We had Ruby's hearing tested last week (she'll be 6 months this week!) and she has fluid. She passed the hearing test - but I'm worried about fluid affecting how well she hears. I don't know at what age they usually do tubes, if needed. I just know we'll be watching this, very closely.

RK said...

I love Hunter's "tolerance" for his little sister. He has such great expressions!

rylie's mom said...

Hello! Your kids are adorable!!!My Rylie got tubes when she was 2 1/2.It was a very quick surgery-She was done before I even finished my never had infections but there was always fluid in her ears. She was not passing her hearing test either. After she got the tubes her speech really took off and she passes all her hearing test.

Amy Flege said...

i love her lil dress!! so cute!!
we have stayed away from tubes....mayson hasnt had issues but our older son did. chronic fluid. instead of tubes we went to the chiropractor. The fluid has never returned!!!

moplans said...

Hi I just popped by via banana migraine and have to say your Ella is SO CUTE!
what a doll.
My daughter has a different, more rare, syndrome but we are probably up for the ear tubes other fun that -as you say here- makes me feel like I should be a doctor!

StephthefutrRxDr said...

Janice had chapped cheeks just like that when she was young.