Thursday, November 1, 2007

Blog Award!!

Yay, Kelly at nominated me for the One Sweet Treat to Read award! Thank you so much!!! I'm sure that reading what I write is not such a treat but the pics of my kids are sweet : ) It's funny, she told people to scroll down and look at the pictures of Ella in rollers and said it reminded her of the Farrah Faucett days, (I'm sure I spelled that wrong, oops.)

Here are some pics from Halloween. Hunter had a blast of course, anyday where people give him a lot of candy is a good day to him. Everyone seemed to get a big kick out of his costume, and we heard a quite a few times "Don't arrest me officer!" Which of course he found hilarious!!!

Poor Ella, she had been crying because I accidentally poked her in the eye : (

Hunter is showing off his muscles!!

Trick or Treat!

My sweet babies last year!!!


Laurie said...

I love last year's comparison. That is so crazy!

Looks like you all had a great Halloween :)

RK said...

They've grown so much in a year! I just love Hunter's muscles.

Shannon said...

Hunter has to be the buff-est policeman I know. :) And could there be a prettier butterfly? I think not!

ann said...

I found your site through Brady's Bunch and I'm glad I did! Your children are beautiful! The halloween costumes are so cute! I love the comparison of the pics from last year! They grow up so fast! I'll be back again to visit!
In His Love and Blessings,

Shannon @ Gabi's World said...

That's fantastic! I think that's the most muscular cop I have ever seen.