Friday, March 28, 2008

We miss you Emily!!!

In response to my best friend Jen's latest blog, titled We Miss you Hunter, we decided to post back!!! You can find her blog at

Hunter misses his girlfriend Emily so bad. He still talks about her all the time. These two spent SO much time together. It breaks my heart everytime he talks about her. It has only been 2 months since we left Texas, but to him it was forever ago. My poor broken hearted little guy. Here are some pics of the goodtimes : )
Easter 2007

Childrens Museum Oklahoma City

This is from a post I did back in June...........

A couple of weeks ago we drove past a very large church here in town and Hunter said
"Mom, people get married there."
"Yes, Hunter people probably do get married there."
"I'm going to get married."
with a snicker "Who are you going to marry?"
he replied "my girlfriend."
"Who is your girlfriend?"
"Wimawee is going to wear her pretty church dress. Mom will you buy me a new shirt to get married in?"
"Yes honey when you get married I will buy you a new shirt."
"And shoes?"
"Yes, I will buy you shoes too. How old are you going to be when you get married?"

Swimming at Emily's house.

Being Silly

Ella's B-Day

Even with tons of other kids around
these 2 would play only with

Coloring after school

Air Show Oct 2008

This picture breaks my heart. This
was their last goodbye. We went
out to eat that night, then had to stop
somewhere after, Hunter and I stayed in
the van while Chris ran in and Hunter started
bawling. I asked him what was wrong and he
said, " but I'm just gonna miss Emily."
I too miss my girlfriend, Jen!! I don't have many pictures of the 2 of us as we are the ones usually taking the pics, and she will probably kill me for posting these : ) Here we are VERY pregnant during the lovely Texas summer! In fact this is the Sunday before I had Ella (on Wednesday).

Jen, Liesl, and me

A few weeks later....


Thursday, March 27, 2008

Pics and such

I have been trying to make a few changes to the blog, I tried to put a thumbnail of the two montages I have on the upper right hand side. I don't know why but I can't get an image to appear for the top one but just click the name and it will play. ALSO, I got to looking at the comment securities, because I have gotten some weird comments like business opportunities etc, so I now have it where people can leave a comment without having a google account, just select anonymous (leave your name in the comment please) SO people like my family, and friends that I know look at this can leave me a message ; ) I did pick the option where before you can post your comment you have to enter letters so automated systems can't leave a comment. Okay, hope that made since cause I know what I am saying but am sure I didn't write it right.

Here are a few pictures that my mom took when she was here visiting!

Check out those eyes and lashes!!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Newest Push Toy

FINALLY I have found a push toy that does not fall over on Ella!! Most push toys fall over when she would pull herself up on them, this one does not. I was looking at pictures on Princess Morgan's blog and saw this car toy, just so happens that I won that gift certificate to Babies-R-Us and they had it there!! It has a nice wide stance but the way the legs kick out in the back helps keep Ella's steps from going to wide. I don't know if any of that makes since but I'm excited and thought I would share!!

Yelling for help cause she
is stuck.

When she gets tired she just
sits on one of the legs.

Her hair is almost long enough
to stay in a ponytail!

In other news, Ella's Hip Helpers came in on Saturday. Unfortunatly they are too big. Which is funny cause I was sure that they would be too small. I did the measurements and it said that it was important that they fit around the hips, so I went ahead and ordered the ones that fit her hip measurement but it looked like they would be too small around her belly cause it is a bit bigger than her hips. But, they don't stay up very well. However when she has them on she looks so good!! I was afraid she would just sit and refuse to move cause she can't do the splits to change positions but much to my surprise she didn't seem to mind them, in fact when she walked with them on it all looked much more controlled. So, I guess I need to order the next smaller size, but I'll take them into school with her on Wednesday and let the PT see them first!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!!!!

Happy Easter to all!! I took these pics last night as I was getting their outfits ready for today. Chris woke up in the middle of the night with a high fever and body aches and coughing his head off, so needless to say we did not make it to church today. We had a new one all picked out, drove past it yesterday so we would know where it was this morning, but I am not brave enough to take the 2 kids bymyself so we are just hanging out at home today! Poor Chris, 2 guys at the academy have strep throat, I'm trying my best to keep the kids away from him!!! Anyhow, enjoy the funny pics.....

Cheesy Bunny!

Awww, looks so sweet!

I had to give her baby so she would
leave the ears alone.


My little flower

Hunter said he wanted to
be flower-man!

What in the world is on
bubba's head???

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Happy World Down Syndrome Day!!!

Ella is holding a bottle of Saline nose drops as she was a little stuffy this morning when she woke up. You will notice in one of the pictures that she is trying to get the cap off. I will have you know that my little genius somehow unscrewed the top off of a big tub of Aquaphor last night (we use it nightly on her face to keep it from being chapped) and had a handful of it before I could get it from her!!! What a fun greasy mess that was, complete with a temper tantrum when I took it away from her!!!
So, today is World Down Syndrome Day, here is the explanation....
"Down Syndrome International (DSI) has officially earmarked 21 March as World Down Syndrome Day (WDSD). The date was chosen to signify the uniqueness of Down syndrome in the triplication (trisomy) of the 21st chromosome and is used synonymously with Down syndrome."
Today was Ella's second day at the Guild School. It's pretty overwhelming, more so for me than her it seems. She is by far the youngest in her class and therefore the lowest functioning. All of the other kids (so far) can walk and have several words, they have various disabilities though some are not evident to me, maybe premature? Her teachers assure me that there is a little boy with Down syndrome in her class who is more on her level, but he has been sick. I am the only parent that stays in the class the whole time and it is just strange. I feel like I'm playing with a doll sometimes, for example they did a little Easter Egg hunt today in the gym (ya know hidden in plain site) how do you tell an 18 month old to go find eggs? I know this is all good for her though. The PT and OT are already pretty challenging for her but she does well. Speech is another story. She just does not seem to like Speech Therapy. I am so proud though, she did the "more" sign several times today, (she started sign language on Wednesday.) She is a very smart girl!! The teachers/therapists keep commenting on how non-baby like she is, they say she seems really mature for her age as compared to others in the school her age. They like that she really concentrates on things and has a long attention span. I guess it's better to be the lower functioning kid in class and have others to look up to and copy than the other way around. I do really like the school, it's going to be great for her!!!