Saturday, January 28, 2012

Ella's Fashion Show

We went to the Children's Museum downtown today (see pics HERE )
which is in our mall downtown. So after we were done we grabbed a bite to eat and then walked around the mall. I of course had to stop in BabyGap and found a few cute things. Well, Ella decided she wanted to have a fashion we did : ) She was so stinking cute announcing herself and prancing around. Luckily I had my camera on hand to get a few shots. She especially loved the "rockstar" sunglasses!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Reptile Man

Yesterday Hunter came home from school begging me to take him to see Reptile Man tomorrow (today,) "it only cost one dollar per person!!! Please please please." What is a mom to of course I took Hunter and Ella to see Reptile Man tonight. Reptile Man is apparently popular and has been on TV shows such as Bill Nye the Science Guy, which I remember from when I was a kid. It was interesting, the guy was actually quite funny. Ella was not a fan of all the yelling by the 2 million kids (not really but sounded like it) every time the guy pulled out a new reptile, but she did like the alligator, tortoise, snakes "it's beautiful!" Hunter of course loved it!!!

I love this picture. Hunter was very into showing off his little sister to all his friends, and she was so excited to sit with him (until the screaming started.)

Hunter and Lucy the alligator
Ella standing next to Hunter and Lucy. She freaked out and wouldn't hold it. The Reptile Guy was so sweet. He actually brought the alligator up to Ella right after the show so she could pet it, and was so sweet to Ella and talked to her for quite a bit!

The kids with the tortoise.

Ella had a change of heart and really really wanted to go hold Lucy. The Reptile Man helped her out, she was good until Lucy moved and she freaked again, of course I hadn't gotten a picture yet. Luckily Reptile Man sweet talked Ella into trying again!

So, this is one of the snakes, the largest one he brought. That is one of our little friends in the center, Isali. Anyhow see the size of that snake????

Here is my crazy child face to face with that same snake. Talk about making me nervous. Though the Reptile Man did say that all of his snakes have had their venom surgically removed and that this is the sweetest snake he owns and he tells me "it's okay mom, it won't hurt her." My kid is afraid of screaming/shrieking kids but an 8 foot problem.
And just as a bonus picture here is the Reptile Man and some really creepy tortoise!!! Look at that mouth.

Friday, January 20, 2012

ANOTHER snowy day!

It snowed a lot yesterday and really early this morning. All of the school districts around us closed for today, but ours just had a two hour delay. Needless to say Hunter was quite disappointed!!! The roads really weren't too bad though. It rained a little this afternoon and is supposed to warm up tomorrow, so I think our snow is not going to be around for long!

My snow lover. 24 hours on antibiotics and his ear doesn't hurt at all....oh how I wish Ella responded to antibiotics the way Hunter does!!!
Climbing up the snow mound by the driveway from Daddys electric shovel, using her face to help!

Hunter and the neighborhood kids sledding on the snow pile made by the plow.
She climbed her way to the very top and was quite proud of herself!!!
Sliding down
Ella is yelling "my foot stuck!!!!" She was getting tired, I know it's hard to walk in deep snow, I'm guessing it's really really hard when it's up to your waist. LOL
She freed herself and said "this is too hard work, I go inside." Ha ha

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Snowy Day

It FINALLY snowed here! The kids were SO excited. Ella talked about making snow angels and practiced on the carpet while we waited for Hunter to get home from school. As soon as he got home we got our snow gear on and headed outside! It was a toasty 19 degrees : )

Here is Hunter making his snow angel

Ella layed down to make her snow angel and FREAKED out screaming "it's too deep!!!!" So, I convinced her to lay in Hunter's snow angel (because it was flattened out) and she enjoyed that!
A lot!

Ella, Madison (neighbor girl and Hunter's buddy of 3 years) and Hunter driving the remote control car!

Love this picture....this kid was in Heaven playing outside in the snow!

And by the way, I do realize that I have a ton more pictures of Ella then of Hunter. That is because a) though it annoys Ella to have her picture taken it annoys Hunter far more! b) I try really hard not to embarass him in front of his friends and c) I have to stay with Ella at all times because she likes to run out into the street where Hunter is free to play on his own : )

It is hard to shovel when the shovel is twice as tall as you!

Speaking of annoyed.....I asked her what she was doing (because she was shoveling in the grass) and she sighed and rolled her eyes and said "I'm findin the treasure chest." Oh, okay. What do you think is in it "jewels. Pink jewels that match my jacket." Sadly she didn't find it, and that made her really mad.

After 45 minutes of playing outside in 19 degree weather I decided it was time for the small child to come in....she's known for not regulating her temperature so well. This made Ella so sad, it was quite pitiful!!!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Another blog...

Come check out my new blog as I challenge myself by taking and posting a picture of the kids everyday for the year 2012. Should be interesting, lol!