Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Reptile Man

Yesterday Hunter came home from school begging me to take him to see Reptile Man tomorrow (today,) "it only cost one dollar per person!!! Please please please." What is a mom to do...so of course I took Hunter and Ella to see Reptile Man tonight. Reptile Man is apparently popular and has been on TV shows such as Bill Nye the Science Guy, which I remember from when I was a kid. It was interesting, the guy was actually quite funny. Ella was not a fan of all the yelling by the 2 million kids (not really but sounded like it) every time the guy pulled out a new reptile, but she did like the alligator, tortoise, snakes "it's beautiful!" Hunter of course loved it!!!

I love this picture. Hunter was very into showing off his little sister to all his friends, and she was so excited to sit with him (until the screaming started.)

Hunter and Lucy the alligator
Ella standing next to Hunter and Lucy. She freaked out and wouldn't hold it. The Reptile Guy was so sweet. He actually brought the alligator up to Ella right after the show so she could pet it, and was so sweet to Ella and talked to her for quite a bit!

The kids with the tortoise.

Ella had a change of heart and really really wanted to go hold Lucy. The Reptile Man helped her out, she was good until Lucy moved and she freaked again, of course I hadn't gotten a picture yet. Luckily Reptile Man sweet talked Ella into trying again!

So, this is one of the snakes, the largest one he brought. That is one of our little friends in the center, Isali. Anyhow see the size of that snake????

Here is my crazy child face to face with that same snake. Talk about making me nervous. Though the Reptile Man did say that all of his snakes have had their venom surgically removed and that this is the sweetest snake he owns and he tells me "it's okay mom, it won't hurt her." My kid is afraid of screaming/shrieking kids but an 8 foot snake....no problem.
And just as a bonus picture here is the Reptile Man and some really creepy tortoise!!! Look at that mouth.


Warrior Mom said...

Best set of photos EVER! I love how sweet hunter is :) Ella was pretty brave to hold that alligator ... that's a pic to frame for her room!

Cate said...

I am totally squicked by snakes. i would hate that. They did a similar program at Abby's school last week and luckily I did not have to go. Hers was all kinds of animals, not just reptiles. Her favorite one? The skunk! weirdo.

Molly said...

That looks so cool! I want a turtle! also, Ella with that giant snake is totally giving me anxiety so I bet you were NOT happy...