Friday, January 20, 2012

ANOTHER snowy day!

It snowed a lot yesterday and really early this morning. All of the school districts around us closed for today, but ours just had a two hour delay. Needless to say Hunter was quite disappointed!!! The roads really weren't too bad though. It rained a little this afternoon and is supposed to warm up tomorrow, so I think our snow is not going to be around for long!

My snow lover. 24 hours on antibiotics and his ear doesn't hurt at all....oh how I wish Ella responded to antibiotics the way Hunter does!!!
Climbing up the snow mound by the driveway from Daddys electric shovel, using her face to help!

Hunter and the neighborhood kids sledding on the snow pile made by the plow.
She climbed her way to the very top and was quite proud of herself!!!
Sliding down
Ella is yelling "my foot stuck!!!!" She was getting tired, I know it's hard to walk in deep snow, I'm guessing it's really really hard when it's up to your waist. LOL
She freed herself and said "this is too hard work, I go inside." Ha ha


amyl4 said...

OMG! That's a lot of snow! We haven't had hardly any yet this season. Your kids are so dang cute! And I love Ella's hat:)

Cindy said...

Great pictures. We ended up with 7 inches in our backyard from all the snow. We've lived in Edmonds (20 min North of Seattle) for 11 years and this is the most snow we've had here so far! It's been fun but I'm ready to get back to good 'ol rain.