Monday, August 30, 2010

4 years!!

4 years ago today my life as I knew it changed. Drastically. Completely. 4 years ago today, 6 weeks before her due date, my baby girl entered this world bringing with her a huge surprise. Down syndrome. I think back to that day and feel the tears coming back, rivers of tears. Baby we have come a long way……..the tears I shed today are tears of pure joy, knowing that I have been blessed by the most amazing little girl that I know, my Ella Grace.

I love this little girl, everything about her, everything that makes her who she is.

Happy, happy birthday baby girl. I cannot believe that you are 4 years old. I enjoy every single minute that I am blessed to spend with you, you are simply amazing. I am so very proud to be your mom!!!!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Top again : )

Thank you all for your help! I counted up all the votes both on here and on Facebook and here are in order the top 4, with the middle two being tied! So one more time please vote for the picture that I should put on our team shirts for the Buddy Walk 1,2,3, or 4!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Help me.....VOTE

OK bloggy friends, I need your help!! Our Buddy Walk is coming up and I need help picking a photo of Ella to put on our team shirts. We had a little photo session this morning in which miss Ella sort of/mostly cooperated, trust me I have tons of not so great pictures, ha ha. So please pick the photo you like best, and leave a comment with the number of that photo! Our team name is of course Ella Grace with the Pretty Face!!! Thank you so much for your help!!!


Sunday, August 1, 2010

Take me out to the.....

"bayball game," as Ella would sing during the 7th inning stretch! One of our favorite things to do this summer has been to go to the Spokane Indians baseball games. We have been to three so far, with our last one being tomorrow night. We get the $5 bench seats, bring our own snacks and enjoy the game. The kids love it, and I must say they are so well behaved for the 3+ hours of sitting there. Ella particularly loves dancing to all of the music, the kid goes crazy when the Indians score a run, they play the same song and everyone gets up and dances (it's the song they used to play on the Six Flags commercials, the one that the creepy old man dances too.) Ella's very favorite time of the night is during the 5th inning when they do the chicken dance. She of course gets tons of comments about how cute she is every time we are there, which she just eats up and performs that much more!! Hunter actually loves the game this year and understands it, his favorite is when we go to fireworks nights!! Here are a bunch of pictures I took the last time we went, after spending all day at the lake, and a short video of Ella doing the chicken dance after of course she had already done her best run through : )

Ella had a little accident, fell face first from the bleachers onto the concrete. It was a horrible looking fall, everyone in the bleachers behind us gasped. Fortunately she only scuffed up her nose!

My very favorite part of the night.... watching my little guy watch the fireworks. I just love him.