Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Ella had dance class today and we were invited in at the end to video tape the girls doing their dance so that they can practice at home. The class has a few....behavior issues, and thankfully besides staring at them from time to time, and trying to tell on them to the teacher Ella was able to stay on task!

The 2 girls on the right are having a meltdown.

This is the dance they will be doing for their recital in June.

Here is a link to it in case you can't view it above...... HERE

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Tomorrow is Ella's Valentine's Day party at school (she doesn't have school next week due to conferences.) So tonight we sat down to work on her V-day cards to her classmates.

I showed her one time where to write her name, under the FROM:
And Ella worked......

And worked....

And worked....

And worked....

Until she wrote her name on all 16 cards. Completely by herself!! Quite an accomplishment!! She was very proud of herself and I was too!!!! Way to go Ella!!!
Here she is this morning before school being "sassy!"

AND in case you didn't know I have another blog where I am posting pics of both kids daily, you can visit it HERE!