Friday, January 10, 2014

A Big Haircut

Ella has been fighting me when I brush her hair lately. To her credit her hair has been ridiculously tangled. I think the cause of it was her "leash" that goes from her hearing aids and clips on the collar of her shirt. We decided it was time to cut her hair.

Getting her hair washed for the first time at a salon.
She was feeling pretty big : )
The first big cut

There was a whole lot of hair on the ground!  Sadly it was not long enough for us to donate to Locks of Love
Then Ella requested to go under the dryer
She was quite pleased with herself!
All styled up....which it never will be again because I do not own, nor know how to use a curling iron.
Beautiful girl!!!

I am happy to report that Ella LOVES her haircut (so do I) and it is super easy to brush!!!!


Cate said...

it looks so good! yay!

Robert said...

Amazing post ! I was just talking about cutting kids hair with my friend yesterday! And for some reason both our older boys have shorter attention spans to sit through the haircut than our younger ones.

Unknown said...

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