Thursday, February 12, 2009

Flat Stanley visits Ella's school

Our nephew Brendan's (lives in Illinois) class is reading the Flat Stanley series of books. Their assignment was to send Stanley on a vacation, so Brendan thought Stanley would have fun here in Spokane going to work with Chris (turned out to be quite hilarious, see pics below) and to visit the kids' schools. I can't tell you how funny it is to carry a piece of paper around with you and photograph it : ) So, here are the pictures of Stanley's visit to Ella's school today, it is way easier to post them here and be able to describe what is going on than to email! (Tami, right click on the pictures and then you can print them.)

Stanley watching Ella put a penny in for the Penny Drive!

Stanley sitting next to Ella for speech therapy
Ella is signing "orange."

Ella is wondering why Stanley is sitting next to her!
She's not so sure about him....

Practicing drinking out of an open cup, Meaghan (Ella's speech therapist)
even gave Stanley his own cup and juice!

Stanley and Ella switched cups

Then Ella used Stanley to help practice pointing to body parts
here is her pointing to his hand

Ella trying to give Stanley a drink? or possibly just dumping it on his head
Sorry Brendan, Stanley will need a bath when he gets home : )

Awww, now Ella likes Stanley, here she is hugging him

Stanley even made new friends, here he is with Mr Potato Head
and one of the Little People! Nice hat Stanley!

Chris decided to play dress up with Stanley

Miss Meaghan even fed Stanley a cracker, she practices chewing with Ella.

A drink to wash down the cracker

Here he is watching the bubbles.

A kiss for Stanley, he really is there, he is one skinny kid

Ella and Stanley posing on the swing. Ella uses this in Physical Therapy to
strengthen her tummy muscles


Okay now here are a few of the pictures from Stanley's ride-along with Chris two nights ago!

Ready for shift

Out hunting for bad guys!

Stanley played with the lights and sirens

Stanley at the scene of a rolled over car.
(Don't worry no one was hurt, the driver was drunk and as
Chris says " the drunks never get hurt.")

In other news, we had a presentation at an Elementary School today. Chris, Ella and I went with a lady from Ella's school to promote the Penny Drive. It is really an awesome program, they call it the Kids for Kids Penny Drive and kids at several local schools raise money to help kids like Ella. So, Ella's school likes one of the kids like Ella to go to the elementary schools so those kids can see who they are raising money for! Anyhow, Ella was a big hit!! Several of the teachers came up and talked to us and said that Ella better be coming to their school (she's not). Ella was in her element, she had a crowd and she performed! When I put the microphone in front of her and asked her to say hi she put her entire mouth ON the microphone and made some crazy noise, of course the kids laughed and Ella clapped. At the end I actually let go of her and she ran to the front and stood by the interpreter for the deaf children and tried to copy her it was hilarious!! Anyhow, we have 3 more presentations tomorrow and 2 more schools. I think it is so great for kids to see that someone like Ella is just a "normal" kid but that she needs extra help to learn things. A little girl ran up to me in the hall on our way out of the school and said, "I think you daughter is really cute." It was so sweet!!!


My name is Sarah said...

Wow Stanley is a lucky guy. I love your hair Ella. It is so cute.

Bethany said...

I love it ... all of it! And I can't believe you got a pic of Stanley on the upside down car! LMAO

Pam said...

Awww... I LOVE Ella's hair in these pictures. She is growing up so much!

Flat Stanley is pretty darn cool, and one lucky dude to get to hang out with Ella. Rhett's jealous.

Thanks for making me smile!!

Michelle said...

Maybe I'm just really tired tonight - but this just had me laughing 'til I was crying! SO FUNNY! Ella's face as she looks at Stanley - priceless.

And when did Ella's hair get so curly!??

Anonymous said...

Looks like our little visitor was a big hit!! I told Brendan he is going to be the coolest kid in class after his Stanley gets back to school to tell of his adventures!!! :) I was glad to see that Stanley got a bath while he was there, after his night with Chris I think he needed to be cleaned! It was very nice of Ella's speech teacher to help out and make Stanley a part of her class, although if you send him back and he can sign or speak we may have some explaining to do! I love how Ella shared her crackers and juice--too cute! When we get the book all put together we will send you a copy and you can read it to the kids. You will have your first children's book published--sort of. This has been so much fun, not just for Brendan but for us too. We loved seeing all of the "fun things" that he got to do. Thanks so much, we were so jealous of Stanley he got to spend more time with you guys than we have lately--oh well. Maybe we will fold ourselves up and mail us to you next. Keep watching for the big box!Ha! We love you guys--Aunt Tami and family.

The Mattesons said...

You also got sent Flat Stanley last year from a niece. Rikk even got to have him in Iraq. Looks like Ella had a lot of fun with him.

Becca said...

Okay, Flat Stanley is really weird and really funny! Ella's hair is beautiful! Ugh, when I braid Samantha's hair it's so fine that the crinkles just fall out. :-(

Amy Flege said...

oh i love it!! flat stanley got to go on some great adventures! ellas hair is so cute in her piggies!

Anonymous said...

I love it...she is so flippin' cute and sweet. Thanks for sharing. It put a smile on my face!!

Tricia said...

So cool!!! And beautiful hair on E as always!!!

Mary said...

So does the rookey cop get any funny comments while putting Staley up on the crashed car and snapping pictures. What a crack up. I love it.

No Greater Gift Mom said...

What a beautiful girl Miss Ella is! We are praying for God's direction for our family- hoping it includes some little ones with Ds!!
Have a blessed weekend!

kecia said...

we love flat stanley-we got to have him visit once too. I am so jealous of all the great stuff ella's school offers-we seriously have nothing close to that good! that's great that you are doing these school presentations too!

Kristen said...

I am definitely getting excited about our house. I've been planning decorating ideas for weeks now and am so anxious to get in there and apply it! If all goes well on the bank's end of things we are going to move the closing date up to Feb 20th. It was originally the 23rd but we would like to close on a friday so we have the weekend to do some work in the house before we move in all the furniture.

When is your closing date? I remember it was around the same time as ours but I don't remember the exact date.

Melissa @ Banana Migraine said...

That looks like too much fun! I love it! Her hair is adorable!

Shannon @ Gabi's World said...

That is too cute! I know I have heard of Flat Stanley before. And Ella's piggies are adorable!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I LOVE Flat Stanley! I sent mine to Africa once, but he never came back!!! Ella looks so pretty with her curly pigtails!