Wednesday, April 8, 2009

My helper

A couple of weeks ago I was about to start cooking dinner, my mom was on her way over to join us. Well, Miss Ella was cranky for whatever reason so I put her apron on her, sat her up on the counter, gave her a plastic spatula and a mixing bowl. Of course she was so stinking cute up there I just had to take a few pics, well actually a LOT of pics.

But first the story behind the apron. My mom, Ella and I went to a craft fair at a local high school close to the house. We passed these cute little aprons, so I decided to try one on Ella. It was cute! Ella proceeded to take off running with the apron on, me chasing her down.... We then headed back to the both to return the stolen apron : ) I told the lady that I would think about it, we had just bought a house and my husband would kill me if I spent money, but I would think about it. As I was putting Ella in the stroller (and she was fussing about it) the lady started talking to her, asked me her name etc. I told Ella to say "hi" which I'm pretty sure she did not do, but I think she finally blew her a kiss as we were walking away. Mom and I continued to look around the gym. We were about to leave when the apron lady came up to us. She handed an apron (the design she had just tried on) to Ella, it was in a bag with a little card on the top. It said To Ella With Love. I was a bit confused..... I looked at my mom, whose eyes were watering up and realized that she was giving the apron to Ella for free. I said "thank you so much!" She said "your welcome, Ella made me smile." and walked away. That was it. After I gained my composure I walked over to her booth to thank her again, and got her name and email address (plotting in my head to send her some pics of Ella in the apron.) This happened about 3 days after the lady cutting my hair essentially asked me if I put Ella in an institution. The apron lady quickly reminded me that there are SO many sweet, generous, caring people out there. What's funny or interesting however you want to see it is that nothing was ever mentioned about Ella having Down syndrome, she didn't hear any of our story, Ella simply made her happy by being her cute, feisty, rotten, 2 year old self!!! ( I have no doubt that the lady realized Ella had Ds, it's just people usually talk to me or ask me about it.)

Now, the pics...

The lovely model
this is a "happy"
face, really.

modeling the back side

this is what she does
when she has something
she thinks she's not
supposed to have
sneaking a little
taste of whatever
it is she is mixing
Bubba, try this..
"I'm really cute"
Forget the spatula
I'll just drink straight
from the bowl
no one should be
able to fold in half
like this.
the face I get when
I told her we were
all done.
the fight over the
defeated : (


Cheryl said...

How sweet of the lady to give the apron to Ella!
Miss Ella you are just too cute:)

Tricia said...

Love to hear about nice people. And LOVE looking at pics of that gorgeous spritely little gal!

Heidi said...

Oh my goodness she is so cute!! What fun pictures!

Kim said...

That is so adorable! What a nice gesture from a stranger. You really don't see that very often.

Colleen said...

Too cute for words!! Really!

Cammie Heflin said...


Anonymous said...

I'm coming to take Ella away b/c I want her she's so cute!! How do you do anything all day besides just take pictures of her and her cuteness??? And, I love the apron story!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, that was so nice of that lady! If she has an etsy store you should post a link -- I'd buy one just to support her.

Ella is, as always, gorgeous.

Anne and Whitney: Up, Down and All Around said...

What a great story about the craft fair! I LOVE the pictures of Ella in her apron :) It looks like she was a good helper!!!

Debbie said...

Ok, she's the perfect little model! And as for bending in half like that, JEB sleeps that way!!! And has since he was months old!!! Used to freak our babysitters out, big time!

Loren Stow said...

So cute!
What a wonderful lady and what a gorgeous 'photo shoot' - I just love Ella's expressions!

kecia said...

How sweet! I was just looking at these pictures and my 4 year old came in and said-I didn't know Bree had that apron---it was funny. My other girls still don't know anything about Bree having DS. Anyway I was laughing when you described Ella's feisty 2 year old attitude because boy is Bree showing that lately too!!

Melissa @ Banana Migraine said...

What a wonderful story! Ella is adorable as always!

Sandi said...

What a great woman the "apron lady" is! I ALWAYS cry when people treat Tommy with such compassion and love too. It just melts my heart that so many sweet people exist in the world and wether they see the Ds or not, they treat our kiddos with such tenderness and acts of kindness. Thanks for sharing. I teared up just reading your story!

Ssejors said...

Such a Pretty Apron too! Kacey, let us know if she has an Etsy store as I would also get a cute lil apron off her for my kids to help me in the kitchen!What better way to thank this lady for her kindness than to send all your Mommy Blogger friends her way! LOL

Ps You better lock Miss Ella Grace up! I'm not the Only one who would be happy to take her home and nibble her cheeks!

Evelyn Parham said...

Beautiful! :)

Miss Magic said...

My goodness, Paula Dean might want to watch out for the next hot thing in cooking shows...who wouldn't love to watch that child whip up some fun? ! How wonderful!

Aunt Tami said...

That is just so sweet!! I love the pics of her with her head in the bowl!! There really are kind hearted people out there!! BTW, love your kitchen counter tops they are really nice! The cabinets are nice too! Send us some pics of the rest of the house...the deck on back is nice too! love yas, aunt tami and fam

Becca said...

Adorable! And I know some of those looks very, very well... (defeated, in particular) That was so lovely of the woman at the booth--you're right, people can be very kind. And how could anyone not be completely taken with Ella?