Sunday, December 19, 2010

Ella's Christmas show at school

Last Thursday was Ella's class party and Christmas show at her preschool and I got to spend the day with her. Yes, I am a bad mom and forgot her glasses....we had stayed out late the night before at my mom's house for her birthday and so I had taken her glasses off in the van. The next morning we took the car and I had thought I left the glasses at my mom's but they were in the van, oh well.

Here she is coloring with a friend
After she "signed in" by tracing her name

Here she is when they first walked into the gym, looking a little concerned

Here is when she spotted us, which threatened to end the performance for her. She tried running to us but her teacher put her back and she actually stayed!!!

I can't believe how much bigger she looks this year compared to last year. She is still the shortest but it isn't as big of a difference this year. The little guy to her right is nearly a year younger that her and is the 2nd shortest in class : ) The girl behind her is her best buddy this year!

Ella and her best friend who brought her a present : )

Seriously....can't she just give me one good pic

The little pink necklace is from her friend. The friend's mom said they were at the store and the little girl spotted this and told her mom she wanted to get this for Ella for Christmas. So so so sweet! Ella loves the necklace, just hates having to stand still for pictures!

And here is the video of Ella's little Christmas performance. I of course cried as usual. I'm pretty sure that I will always be blown away by how well Ella does!!!!

Hunter had his Christmas show the week before and to my amazement they sang actual Christmas songs like Away in a Manger, Angels we Have Heard on High, Silent Night, with the actual words in a public school!! Pretty cool. Unfortunately my videos of his night are so shakey, I had to hold the camera above my head the whole time and the videos move so much they make you want to barf to watch them. I do have one little part, which was my favorite, of him signing the words to Silent Night (while lip singing as well)!
Here is my handsome guy before we left for the show.

He's got moves : )

Here he is in his classroom after the big show.


KaitlinCole said...

Melts my heart! I am pretty sure that the day I became a mother I inherited a gene that makes me feel overwhelmed with joy and emotion every time I see ANY kid do anything.
Ella, what a sweet girl! I can't get a good picture of my son either (I get 1 out of every 50 that I take). But it is HIS fault (18 month old boy)!

Becca said...

Omg, what a couple of cutie patooties!!! And I am SUPER impressed with Ella tracing her name!!!

Cate said...

super cute!

my son's holiday concert is this week. I was surprised that they're doing Rudolph and Frosty. Maybe the schools are relaxing a little? hope so.

Tiffany said...

Can I adopt them please???????

kecia said...

Oh she is such a darling! She did great!