Sunday, February 6, 2011

Princess Cowgirl Pirate

This is my favorite look, the singing princess cowgirl pirate!

Ella is really into dressing up these days......well undressing and then adding only what she likes : ) Her imagination is really fun to watch. The other day she was pretending that her sweatshirt was her baby. Never mind the kid has like 15 baby dolls. But her sweatshirt was naughty and went to timeout for spitting, had a fever, was hungry, and took a nap. It was quite funny watching her listen to the sweatshirts heart and feed it. Crazy kid. Hunter was sick last weekend with a fever so several times a day Ella comes to check our fevers, tells us to cry and then gives us a shot. Such a good little doctor!

Drinking "hot chocolate." I am so very happy to be done with putting a patch on her eye. As you can see her glasses did NOT work with the patch and I really think the poor girl could not see during patch time. But no more patch means that we are heading to surgery on March 10th (Hunter's birthday.) She will have one of the muscles behind both eyes tightened. I was trying to listen to the doctor explain the surgery and a little girl I know was being a complete terror, like running around with the remote that changes the eye chart on the monitor and clicking away, so I didn't get much info just signed all the consents. The doctor did say at one point "we do not take the eye out of the socket." I just stopped chasing Ella and laughed and said "we'll that's good." She said you would be surprised what some people asked. Anyhow I know that in the world of surgeries this isn't a huge deal but it's my babies eyes. You know the things you use to see out of...... The doctor also said that Ella's prescription will probably improve after surgery but that she will still need glasses and probably always will because of her astigmatism. Bummer. Ella does great with her glasses, she really does, but they still drive me crazy. They are always dirty and I feel like I am constantly telling her to be careful so that she doesn't break them. She has fallen several times this week alone and jammed her glasses into her face, or knocked them off to the side of her face. She is sporting a bit of a shiner from falling last night, her glasses went off to the side and one of the nose pieces dug into the outer corner of her eye. But like with everything else Ella just accepts it for what it is and carries on being Ella.
Ella has been telling us about 4-5 times a day that she has to go potty and then goes pee in the potty. She has been poop trained for over a year and a half. So while this is really great, I would much rather do it this way when it is her idea, I have my concerns. For example, for as long as I can remember I have put her on the toilet before her bath and she will pee, but as soon as she gets in the water she pees again. So, can she not get it all out at once? Does she just pee a little all day long? If that is the case than it will be really hard to train. I think she is going to be the kind of kid that has accidents for a long time. So then do you keep her in pullups forever, or some sort of training pants? I, of course, do not want her teased for peeing her pants.

In other news I finally got Hunter to get a haircut. FINALLY. He was in one of his "I want my hair to be long," phases. He finally told me that he was growing it out in anticipation of crazy hair day at school because he wanted a long mohawk. So I told him we could get a spiky haircut and if and when there is a crazy hair day we can paint his hair blue.

I would like to know where my little boy went. He looks so much older to me now that I can see his face again. Hunter will be turning 7 soon and I am quite depressed about it. I wish I could freeze my kids right where they are (okay, Ella really needs to learn how to behave and then I will freeze her.)


Anne and Whitney: Up, Down and All Around said...

love hunter's hair cut - and if you figure out how to get ella to behave could you share the wisdom with me... whitney gets naughtier with each day that passes by!!! :)

Cammie Heflin said...

I so want to meet Miss Ella! She cracks me up, I bet she is so much fun! Addy doesn't play with anything and doesn't pretend at all, I'm so ready for that!

Runningmama said...

Love the new haircut on Hunter! Hoping all goes well with the eye surgery and I am glad to know they don't take the eye out of the socket!

Tiff said...

Oh my gosh...could she be any cuter?????

kecia said...

Love the imagination on that girl!

Mommy to those Special Ks said...

Love their imaginations!!! Kennedy is always putting her baby dolls on time out! LOL Poor babies! haha Ella is so stinking cute!

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