Saturday, March 17, 2012

New Puppy!

We got a new puppy yesterday, well technically it's Hunter's puppy though you know who will be taking care of it....ME! She is a really sweet pup so far. Her name is Ruby (after Ella's favorite show Max and Ruby) she is a mini weenie dog, and is 9 1/2 weeks old. Here are some pics with some videos at the end!

We didn't tell Hunter we were getting the dog. Here is the video where we told him : ) Notice he starts breathing really fast, so cute!

And here is Ruby playing around.

Here are the codes in case you can't see the video HERE and HERE.

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tgreeson said...

Im sitting here in Siberia, picking up our daughter to bring home forever...Hunter's video made me cry! He reminds me of my son!!! He is so sweet! Thanks for sharing it! Miss my kiddos, watching yours put a smile on my face!!