Saturday, September 22, 2012

Step Up for Down Syndrome

Today was our Step Up for Down Syndrome walk!!! We had a really good time! The weather was great, the venue was perfect, and all the people with Down syndrome...AWESOME!

Daddy and Ella before the walk
The Big Bubba
Ella watching the cheerleaders.
Ella with the pom poms that she refused to give back
Cool quote in the park.
Team Ella Grace with the Pretty Face...minus me behind the camera!

The walk was a mile long....Ella probably walked about half of it.

Crossing the finish line...people were cheering for her but she only had playing in the park on her mind!
We finally got to meet this family....but the girls had had enough by this point.  At least we got one pic of them smiling : )
Ella overheated....she looked horrible.  This pic just doesn't show just how red and blotchy she was.

We sat in the shade for awhile and then got faces painted!
Admiring her hearts
Love this pic
Bubba's turn
So cool!!!
We went back to the van and picked up Ella's stroller and then headed to the rest of ValleyFest.
We of course had to stop and check out the old cars!
This one is a hearse and had a casket in the back....I mean a tool box, lol.

We had a great day and can't wait till next year!