Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Ella the model

The kids were invited to come and get their pictures taken with the horses that they ride on at Equine TLC! They are trying to raise money to build an indoor arena to do horse back riding therapy....and let me tell you, after freezing our booties off today it is SO needed!!!! The kids had fun riding for a couple of minutes and Ella LOVED being a "model!"

Ella on Griffin with Mrs Gail (the sweet lady that owns and runs Equine TLC)

Just as Hunter climbed onto Chief, who is such a pretty horse, my camera battery decided to protest the cold.
I did mange to warm the battery up enough to get this pic
and this one.  They were trying to interview Ella, but she got "scared" so Big Brave Bubba came and stood with her even though he had no desire to be interviewed.  It was pretty funny, I don't think interviews are Ella's thing : )
But modeling....that is her thing. At least for today. When we got home she said "get you camera, take my picture with Pink Buddy,"

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