Friday, June 14, 2013

First and Last Day of School

The things I do to torture my kids....this morning I decided to recreate the pictures I took of the kids on their first day of school! They weren't very thrilled but they cooperated!!

Hunter's first day of 3rd grade
And the last day!  He definitely looks more excited on the first day!

I think I like his hair a little longer, like on the 1st day : )
Hunter looks more grown up to me!!!  He had a fantastic year and a great teacher!  I am always so amazed at how smart and sweet this boy is!!!
Ella's first day of Kindergarten!
And her last day!
I loved this picture on the 1st day!
And we both giggled while trying to recreate it : )
When we first arrived at school that first day Ella was very nervous and on the verge of tears. She wanted to go to her "old school" (preschool.)
On her last day she is a very confident girl! She learned SO much this year! Her kindergarten year was more than I could ever hope for! I am so proud of her!
A huge part of Ella's success this year was because she had a great special ed teacher, Mrs Miller.  She worked so well with Ella and had high expectations for her!  You know it's been a great year when the teacher cries in the hallway (and makes me cry) because she will miss Ella!!!
Her wonderful teachers! Mrs Miller (spec ed,) Ella, Mrs Martins (gen ed) in the front row and Mrs "M," Mrs Crow, and Mrs LaPlante in the back row!

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