Tuesday, September 2, 2008

2 year stats and a TON of pics

Ella had her 2 year well baby check up today. Everything looked good, she weighed in at 26lbs 9ozs, 50th percentile on the "typical kids" growth chart, completely off the chart on the Down syndrome chart. She is 31 3/4 inches tall, 6th percentile on the "typical" chart, and 50th percentile on the DS chart. Her doctor ordered the thyroid test and a test for Celiac's disease (recommended for 2-3 year olds with DS, not a worry of mine,) and wants Ella to start taking Zantac cause she is still a spitter upper, the doc said it probably won't stop the puking (due to low muscle tone and the little flappy thing not keeping the food down, technical I know : ) but will ensure that there is no acid in it so it won't erode at her esophagus. Any comments on Zantac??? Ella also got one immunization, she hasn't had any in a year, I am kind of afraid of them so I let them give her one. Anyhow, overall the doctor was impressed with Ella's progress in the past 6 months since her 18 month checkup, and I was impressed by the fact that we had only been to the doctor one time other than her checkup!!

Well, here are pics of Ella on her birthday, I realize she looks a bit rough. She has this reoccurring rash around her mouth the past couple of days, and she had just bonked her head on a cabinet in the kitchen, it's rough being 2!!!! Oh yeah, I wanted to mention how fun it was to watch Ella open her gifts. I have never seen a child so truly enjoy every aspect of opening presents. First she walked around with her gift bags, not caring at all what was in them. She also LOVED the wrapping paper and would tear off little pieces and stop and look at them, play with the tape etc......
Each present she would play with, even her books, she immediately took them around so someone could read them to her. It took a really long time to get them all opened, but it was so worth it!!!

She got her first present the day before, a kitchen from her aunt Tami. She loved the box : )

It took Daddy a really long time to put
it together!! Her she is enjoying it, and Hunter does too!!!

Carrying her gift bags.

Kissy face

Making her ballerina elephant dance.

Enjoying the wrapping paper.

Signing "baby" while looking at her new Cabbage Patch.

Kissing her baby.

Drinking her baby's bottle.

She decided baby could have some too.

Reading a new book with Grandmom.

Enjoying her new tea set.
Notice the pinkie sticking out!

Tea party with Bubba.

Ella's new laptop!!

A cell phone and some cash
what more could a girl want?

Putting on her lipstick. This is really hilarious to watch, I'll have to video it for you to truly experience it!

My mom got her pegs like she uses in OT at school, this is what she did with them.

And then, they became a sword and she was attacking everyone, it was so funny.

When Good Babies Attack!!!

OK, so now she is 2, can we get the rest of the teeth???

I still can't believe Ella is 2!! I am working on a Montage covering the past year, but with thousands of pictures to chose from it's taking a while : )

PS- Mrs Deena from Texas, email me I lost your address!!!


Brandy said...

I wanted to wish Ella a Happy Birthday! I have been reading for a while now. I really enjoy your blog and seeing what new things Hunter and Ella are up too.

datri said...

Such precious birthday pics!

Kayla's been taking Zantac since she was about 2. At first the HATED the taste of it and would spit it out. Now she looks forward to it, go figure.

For Kayla, it DID help with the spitting up. She used to wake up in the middle of the night gagging and puking. She hasn't done it since starting Zantac, and it's been 2 years now.

Tricia said...

Wow! Looks like she had a GREAT party with tons of great gifts!

Georgia was on Zantac for a few months before surgery. It didn't make her stop spitting up--like your doc said--but I DO think it helped with the acid. We stopped Zantac though and put her on Prevacid only because the Zantac tastes really yucky. The prevacid is a capsule that we open up and sprinkle on a couple bites of applesauce. Georgia takes one everyday. Georgia doesn't spit up NEARLY as much as she used to, but she is still spitty uppy.

Anonymous said...

WOW! Looks like little missy had lots of fun! Just the way it should be for your 2nd birthday! I am glad that Ella likes her little kitchen, and Hunter too. I figured it would be something the two of them could play with together. Glad to hear it wasnt too much trouble to put together-Ha! That was my gift to Chris-Ha ha! Did she have cake? I want to see the cake pics--those are always the best! Well big kisses from us and HAPPY HAPPY birthday Ella Grace! Also so happy to hear she is doing so good with development and that she is right on with the growth charts! We miss you all and love you all so much!! Love, Aunt Tami, Uncle Shawn, and cousins Brendan and Shaylin :)

Kristen said...

Ella is so adorable! Her eyes are amazing. It's like there's a light box behind them, they are so bright and sparkly!!

Shannon @ Gabi's World said...

She is totally adorable. I love the ones where she is kissing her baby, holding her teacup, and the one with the phone.

And about the Zantac... what is the use of taking it, if she is still going to be puking???? Zantac made Gabi worse. When she was in the hospital I refused the Zantac and told them not to give her anymore. One nurse came in in the middle of the night and gave it to her, and no sooner did she walk out the door, Gabi was throwing up everywhere. I hit my call light and tore that nurse a new one! Not only had I refused it, but then to shoot it in her mouth and head straight out the the door KNOWING she pukes everytime, just pissed me off! Anyhow... sorry... got a little involved when I heard the Z word!

My point is, if she is taking Zantac for reflux, then it should help with the vomiting, not make it worse or stay the same. I don't care what doctor says it!

Mommy to those Special Ks said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ELLA!!!! Great pics! Keeghan has a lot of those same toys... they would have so much fun together! :)

The Bliss Family said...

Happy birthday Ella! Looks like you got tons of wonderful gifts. I love following your progress. Take Care!

Melissa @ Banana Migraine said...

She looks like she had a great birthday!

Delphine doesn't take Zantac, she takes Prilosec, she definitely has improved since taking it. I hope Ella has some luck too!

Becca said...

Wonderful pictures! Looks like she had an absolute ball! Happy birthday again, pretty little Ella! Hopefull someday she and Sammi will get to play together!

Michelle said...

I love the pic with drinking her tea and the pinky sticking out LOL

Kathy said...

She is so cute! I wanted to tell you about my experience with Zantac, and PJ. His reflux JUST got out of control about a month, two months ago. His ped put him on zantac, and I saw NO difference. His spit up was very very watery. No matter what he ate, the spit up never had any consistency other than thin liquid. Large quantities. So last week she put him on Prevacid. I noticed an IMMEDIATE difference. Still spits up, but not nearly as much or as often, and now the consistency is thicker, much thicker. Ped said the difference is how much acid there is to liquify the food.

Michelle said...

Ella is wonderful! Looks like she had a great birthday - the pics were fantastic!!

Jennie said...

Happy birthday, sweet Ella. Incredible photos! We hope to meet you someday.

my life: said...

I'm in love with her....she is too cute! She is about the size of my two year old....mines a bit smaller but close.

Zantac, Gracie is on that as well as Prevacid.....Zantac tastes yucky (we have a feeding tube so taste doesn't matter) but used witht the Prevacid (which tastes yummy) it makes a good combo...Gracie only spits up occassionally now! Good luck figuring it out. ;^)

kecia said...

i love seeing what Ella is up to! She is so cute! So what kind of school does she go to at such a young age? I wonder if we have something like that here that I should look into. Where are the pegs from?

Bethany said...

I swear she is Payton less 7 months!

Payton was on zantac as a baby and then they moved her up to prevacid, which she is still on. I think putting Ella on it is a good thing ... I tend to think more of our kids have reflux than we realize.

I noticed Ella's hairline ... it reminds me so much of Payton's too! Did her hairline come in later? Payton's did (it still is) and it leaves hair stragglers, which drive me crazy!

Which teeth is Ella missing? Payton is missing the two teeth on either side of her bottom two front teeth. The dentist said they may never come, but after asking on Downsyn, it seems those are always the last teeth to come for our kids. I thought it looked like Ella didn't have those yet. Well, shortly after our dentist appt, one of Payton's popped through and man that thing is pointy! It is still working its way through.

Ok wow, that turned into the longest blog comment ever! LOL