Thursday, January 22, 2009

New house, Christmas, new friend, and a girlfriend

Weird title I know, but that's the pictures that are going on this post, and they are all from today!! Ella had speech therapy this morning, at the same time this cute little guy named Silas has therapy, so when the kids were done we all went out to lunch. Here are Ella and Silas before we left their school. Silas is 9 months old

After lunch I went and picked up Hunter from his school and drove him over to a retirement home where his class had their Christmas program today. Yes Christmas today. They were of course supposed to have it BEFORE Christmas but we were snowed in. The program was very cute. Hunter did a good job of singing all of the songs (and of course memorizing every word!!!) but he was way to cool to do any hand motions, he mostly stood there with either his hands in his pockets or rubbing a corner of his shirt between his fingers, (something he has done forever with any fabric.) The pictures of the program aren't so great, we were sitting to far away, here's the best we got...

Talking on my
cell during
the show

Watch out Nana!!
There is a monkey
on your back!

While we were there I of course had to get a picture of Hunter and his girlfriend Emily. Now, these two run very hot and cold. Emily has told her mom that Hunter makes her heart feel funny and that she is going to marry him one day. However she has told him several times that she is not going to marry him!! Last week I picked Hunter up from school, in the van he tells me "Emily's not marrying me anymore. " I say oh no, why not? " I threw 3 snowballs at her when we were outside." I tell Hunter that girls don't like it when you throw things at them and he says "Well, I missed her 2 times." Oh so very funny. 4 year old love is rough! Anyhow Emily is a cute little girl and I do mean little!! She is the same age as Hunter but she is a tiny little thing. Oh yeah, and she happens to have a big brother with Down syndrome. How's that for a coincedence? Here are the love birds (not sure if they are currently together or not)

After the program the kids had cookies, Ella's favorite part : )

And last, after going to sign yet more paper work for the house, we just had to drive by it to make sure it's real. Luckily I had my camera with me still from the days events so here are some pics of the outside of our new house (won't get keys till we close.)
Isn't it cute?

The side and
the fence in
the back!


RK said...

Silas is cute, you're right! And that is a great looking house! I bet you're just so excited!! Can't wait to see inside...

Mary said...

Wow you guys did have a busy day. Ella better now like the younger men too much. Sorry Silas but Ella is taken. :-)

Anonymous said...

Ha Ha!! I love the pics of the happy/conflicted couple!!! Too cute! Mr. Man looks so grown at his program, too. Missy looks like she had a good time too. LOVE THE HOUSE!!! Cant wait to visit! Once you can get your hot little hands on some keys, take some pics of the inside. It's so big, and I love the colors! And now the fun stuff starts! Enjoy all of it. BTW you new address sounds so regal- la de da! Love ya bunches, talk to you soon, Aunt Tami and family

Ann said...

What a busy day! Love the house. You must post pictures of the inside when you get the keys. Well I suppose you don't have to but I'd love to see it. I guess I could always come up and see is in person ;)

Anonymous said...

Your house is super cute. I love the stairs in the front. That will be handy with all the snow, right? ;) I already have my oldest son's wife picked out too...I just hope it works out that way! Love the pics and the stories.

Kristen said...

The 4 years old's love story is so cute!! It made me laugh. I love it!!

I was just telling Mike today that you guys had your offer accepted on a house recently. It's so funny how we've never met but I talk about you and your updates to Mike and my mom as if we've always been friends.

Your house is lovely!! Very pretty! I will be excited to see the inside if you so choose to share.

Amy Flege said...

yeah! the new house looks great! congrats!!!!!!

Jodi said...

You don't know me but I came across your blog a few months ago. Your little Ella is such a cutie! I was wondering if you could tell me how you made your header at the top of your blog. I've been trying to do something different to my blog header and wondered how you did yours. I'd appreciate any help you could give me! Thank you so much.

Anne and Whitney: Up, Down and All Around said...

Congratulations on your house! That is so fun!!! I can't wait to have more time to catch up on your blog... you are right, Ella and Whitney have identical eyes - it is really pretty amazing, I see it especially in the picture you have at the top of your blog (BEAUTIFUL, BEAUTIFUL, BEAUTIFUL picture by the way!!!) :)

Anonymous said...

Love the new blog decor! Especially the pic at the top! That beauty is going to just melt everyones hearts! Great job! Love, Aunt Tami

Anonymous said...

Hi Kacey!

I just saw these pictures! So cute. I enjoyed visiting with you at lunch last week. Our therapist was gone today, so I missed seeing you! I was there, just for one appointment in a different room. Hope all is well!! Look forward to seeing you next week!

Ingrid Todhunter
(Silas's mommy)

Becca said...

Hooray for new houses!!!! I've driven by mine several times, too. I'm worried that the owner will think I'm some sort of stalker! LOL