Thursday, January 15, 2009

What a day....

We checked in to the ENT's this morning at 7, never a good thing for this family, and Ella was in and out in no time. The doctor did tell us that Ella's right tube was completly blocked (which we knew) and that her left tube had started backing out and something about the hole that was left hadn't started closing (I guess they usually do?) and that it will either be a great thing, another hole for fluid to drain from, or a bad thing and cause some hearing loss. So, they will test her hearing next month and if it's not good then the will go back in and close up the hole. Anyhow, Ella came out of her little procedure great, again you would never know anything was done!!
So, while we were sitting waiting for Ella to be done Chris started to feel really sick. By the time we left he was very pale, nauseaous and in extreme pain. So, off to the ER we went with Chris and long story short he has kidney stones. They prescribed him anti-nausea pills, pain pills and sent him on his way to pass it himself.
We had an appointment with our realator today at 1 that Chris insisted we keep. So we met her at the house we've been looking at. We decided to make an offer, so we followed her to her office, stopping on the side of the road for Chris to vomit, signed all the paperwork and now we wait till tomorrow to hear back. We are both so excited/scared. This will be our first house!!!
Anyhow, I took some pics of Ella today while we were waiting for Ella to be taken back for her ears...I did learn today that Ella is a tougher girl than her dad, ha ha ha ha!! (Don't lecture me, I'm joking.)
I'm so sad
just joking
listening to
my heart,
my pulse ox
was what?
ha ha, my
fingers are
too cold : )
These are a few pics of ELla climbing in the cabinets at the house
we put an offer on, I think she approves!


Jennifer said...

LOVE the picture of her looking at her O2 levels. HILARIOUS! Good luck on the house! We'll be praying! I can't wait to see pics!

Brandy said...

She is just to freakin cute! I have to agree that the O2 picture is the cutest!! Fingers crossed on the house.

Mary said...

As always I love the pics. I had to laugh when I read that Chris has kidney stones. Justin had them when we lived in Billings. His Dr., that was also male, told him it was the closest a man comes to understanding what childbirth feels like. Not sure that I believe it but it was an umpleasant couple of days. Hope he gets ride of them quickly.

Anonymous said...

Good luck with the house! That's exciting. I'm glad Ella's procedure went well...I hope Chris feels better soon. :)

Kristen said...

Ella's faces she makes are so funny. I'm glad to hear her procedure went well and it's over with. And i pray that the opening closes on its own.

And poor Chris and those stones! But what great timing he had though since you were already at the hospital. What a trooper he was for wanting to still keep the realtor appointment. Which, by the way, I am very excited and hopeful for you guys, that the house will work out. If the cabinets are any indication on what the rest of the house is like, then it's very lovely!

Bethany said...

Wow, what a day! Congrats on the house .. it definitely is a buyer's market right now!

I love that pic of Ella studying the pulse ox machine ... sooo funny!

Sorry about the kidney stones ... our friend has them and they are NOT fun.

Cammie Heflin said...

She is so stinkin cute! Glad things went well!

Anonymous said...

OMG!! I cant believe that about the stones! Chris said something about the possibility of stones over xmas... they sure took their time! I love the look she is giving the pulse ox too funny! She is adorable as always! SOOOOOOOOOOOO excited about the house for you!!! I hope it goes through without any hitches. It is hard to wait, but worth it in the end. We sure hope you get the house so we can come visit you all this summer!!! Hint Hint. Send us some pics of the house so we can see how beautiful it is! We will call tonight. Love ya's--Aunt Tami and family

Melissa @ Banana Migraine said...

Ouch on the kidney stones! I remember when my dad went through that.

Ella is adorable as ever and congrats on the house!!!

Kim said...

Always such the cutie! Hope everything went well with the house and your hubby.

Becca said...

How exciting about the house! We just bought our first house, too. Well, we won our bid (there were 4 offers!) last week, had a good inspection, and are just waiting for closing! We really wanted to have a home for Samantha to grow up in, and a yard for her to play in. Good luck with your offer!!

Jennie said...

OMG, she just keeps getting cuter! Kacey, you do a great job of capturing her sweet personality on camera.

Ssejors said...

Aww I wanna steal her !