Thursday, October 15, 2009

3rd b-day

Woo-hoo, I am posting 2 days in a row!

So, it just dawned on me that I never posted about Ella's 3rd b-day, how dare I!! The kid had 3 or 4 b-day "parties" if you will, as we were in Georgia visiting family at the time.

Ella turning 3 was hard for me. I guess it just officially signals that she is no longer my baby (I know she will always be my baby but you know what I mean...) 3 means starting public school, which was SO hard for me, I no longer know what she does every second of every day! 3 is just so big, and honestly if I could I would freeze her at this age (maybe not today as she is being very naughty these past few weeks, but a month and a half ago when she was still 2 I would have!) I think she is even having a little trouble with getting older, a couple of weeks ago as we were leaving school we were walking out to the car. In the parking lot she gets in front of me and says "up." I say "no Ella. You are a big girl you can walk to the car." Ella says "NO I BABY!!!" Which I about died and even got a little teary, a) because she put 3 words together and said them out loud so that I could understand and b) because she apparently knows that being a baby is the opposite of being a big girl. That's one smart cookie I have : )

Anyhow, here are pictures of her 1st b-day bash at my grandparent's (Ella's great grandparents) house!!
putting the candle
on her toy cake!
feeding grandad some
ice cream!
cheesing it up
with grandmom
in the back
Ella with her
baby cousin
Paige. (Paige is
9 months old in this
pic and nearly as
big as Ella)
So much love
hug=choke hold
Hunter frosted his
own cup-cakes

she is saying "happy"
and doing her motion
from If You're Happy
and You Know It!


The Lehnick Family said...

She is just too cute for words...can't believe she is 3 already too? What a little smartie sweet! I love reading your blog...haven't commented all that much, I am sometimes bad about doing that...I read and read and think I will go back and comment...but this time...I didn't click anyway....Your Ella is a DOLL!

Tina said...

She really is incredibly cute, I just love seeing her pictures, and such a smart girl too. Wow 3...I am just wondering how I will feel when Saira is 3. I know the feeling of wanting to keep them the way they are and protect them forever. Ella is doing great and you must be very proud of her. brings a smile on my face whenever I see her pictures :)

Jennifer said...

Man, I can't believe they are 3, either! It's just crazy! Her hair is just so beautiful! Love it! Miss ya'll.

Aunt Tami said...

Too sweet!!! Love all the pics...Hunter is adorable with those cupcakes!! I cant believe she is 3 already either...the last time i saw her she was only an infant!!!! Time flies way too fast!! Looks like she had a great time with that cake!! We love you guys and miss you bunches!!!! Love you all~ Aunt Tami and family

Cammie Heflin said...

Sooo cute! Addy's 3rd bday is Sunday and she doesn't say a word so I would have cried too!

Debbie said...

Kacey.....she's adorable!!! Love her sassy little smile!!!

I too worry about JEB being in a public school.....where kids can be so cruel!! BUT we've been so blessed....wherever we've gone, as the kids love him and he always has a slew of 'girlfriends' giving him hugs and wanted goodbyes before we leave. I'm sure I worry about it more than he does.....he doesn't really care!