Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Day 6 and 7

Get It Down; 31 for 21

Obviously yesterday was a non posting day : ) I felt like crap STILL, even went back to the doctor, got some good meds for the nebulizer, new antibiotics, and a steroid inhaler. I have to say I think I am feeling a bit better today! So there's my post for yesterday : )

I figured today I would post pictures of Ella in her "big girl bed." We moved Ella to a toddler bed in August, though it didn't really start till September. We had to move Ella's crib into our bedroom while Chris' mom was here so she could sleep in there, so after she left I decided it was a good time to try the toddler bed. We tried a couple of nights but Ella would get out of bed and go to the baby gate at her door ( I SO do NOT trust her and therefore gated her in!) and cry and of course being the middle of the night, like any champion parent would do, I would just bring her to my room and put her in her crib. Then we went to Georgia for 2 weeks where she shared a bed with me, so when we got back I tried the new bed and voila! It worked. I was really hesitant to move her into a toddler bed, yes I know she's 3 but the kid has ZERO danger perception and therefore I was perfectly content to leave her in the crib. But then in her sleep her legs were getting stuck between the slats. Plus she is acting like such a big girl these days I just knew she would get a kick out of the bed, and I was right!

This is her "daddy" doll

from her doll house and

he is going "ni - ni!"


Anonymous said...

She is just so dang adorable!!

Aunt Tami said...

Love the purple!!! Her little braids are too cute, too!!! She is getting so big!!!! Brendan didnt go into a toddler bed until he was 3, too!! Is the little man in bed with her the Daddy from her dollhouse??? Adorable!!! Put up some pics of her with the baby nursery Please!!!! Love ya's~ Aunt Tami

Denise said...

Oh my gosh...I am so behind in reading everyone's blogs. And then to top it off, everyone (but me) is posting everyday and now I am REALLY behind. But I went down and looked at all of your posts so now I feel caught up. Love the pics of Ella in her big girl bed!! I still can't get over how much she reminds me of my Ella. I seriously envision my Ella looking just like yours when she is 3....of course without the beautiful hair that your Ella is Blessed to have!!! I hope you feel better.

Denise said...

Dont feel bad I just moved Sydney out of her crib and converted it to a full size bed and she is SIX..just wanted to keep her my baby:)

Colleen said...

She looks so excited to be a big girl! I'm glad it's working out with the bed. That would be scary at first knowing that she isn't very aware of danger, but it's worth a try right? The Daddy doll is just too cute!

Debbie said...

What a BIG girl!!!!!!

What great pics from the aquarium!

Listen, don't feel bad....our little guy is 9 and stays in his bed great!....until the middle of the night, then he crawls in bed with mommy and daddy! Try sharing a QUEEN bed with a rather strapping 9 yr. old and your hubby....and this nine yr. old sleeps all folded up! Nothing like waking to a knee in your back!!

Sumithra said...

She is soo adorable!

Sometimes, when I feel a little down, I visit your blog. Somehow, seeing Ella and her smile lifts my spirits up. I'm such a big fan of Ella Grace - with the prettiest face.