Sunday, November 8, 2009

Fall 2009 Part 1

Last year was our first fall in Spokane, and I loved the leaves changing colors... (after living in Texas for the past 4 years I hadn't seen a whole lot of Autumn, and of course growing up in Alaska not too much there either) anyhow, I took a lot of pictures of the kids in the leaves. I liked those pics so much that we went back and took more this year. I love seeing how much the kids have changed in a year, although a bit bittersweet. These pics were taken 1 year and 4 days apart.

My babies 2008


LOVE this pic!

Hunter 2008

age 4

Hunter 2009
age 5
Who is this
big boy????
Ella 2008
age 2
aww, I miss this
sweet little baby
Ella 2009
age 3
she just gets


Jennifer said...

She is so gorgeous! Love the pics. Miss ya'll.

Cammie Heflin said...

So cute! We put Addy in the leaves today and she freaked!

Wendy P said...

Gorgeous!! They are growing up way too fast!

Denise said...

Oh, I am in love all over again!! I seriously can't decide which pics are cuter...last year or this year. Ella really has grown so much. In last years pics...I am once again reminded of just how much our Ella's look alike.

Denise said...

I forgot..that one of Ella looking up at big brother is PRECIOUS!!

Aunt Tami said...

There is my adorable niece and nephew!!! Just gorgeous pics!! I am going to have to get these printed so i can frame them!!! Just so pretty!! Little missy is getting to be such a beautiful more cute baby :( ...and her smile is just sparkling!! Hunter is so handsome...he is going to be a heartbreaker get ready!!!! Thanks for sharing! We miss you all so much and love ya's more!!! Love, Aunt Tami and family

Kim said...

Such cute kids! Growing up too fast.

You have lots of big leaves there! Ours aren't quite that big here in NC.

Robin said...

Happy belated birthday Ella!! Gosh, it has been too long! Sorry I have not been by your blog lately. She has grown so much! Looks like you are all doing well. When did you go back to work?

Loren Stow said...

Wow - it's amazing to see how much they've both grown in a year! What a fantastic idea - to do a shoot in the fall to see how they've changed over the past year!
Beautiful pictures and beautiful kiddos!

Anne and Whitney: Up, Down and All Around said...

love the pics in the leaves! hunter and ella have grown up so much in a year, how does that happen???!!! adorable!!!

Alaina and Kyle said...

I love the pictures!! I found your blog through another Ella Graces blog. I found out you were from Spokane and couldn't wait to get your blog address. Beau was born in Spokane!! Can't wait to follow your story and maybe meet up one day!

Lori said...

Beautiful!! Your children are absolutely beautiful!

Becca said...

Gorgeous pics! Hunter and Ella look so much alike, too. I keep thinking that each of Samantha's ages is my favorite and that I don't know how the next could be better, but each age keeps eclipsing the previous one. Ella is definitely more and more beautiful with every age.