Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day

Before I post my photos I want to take a second to ask everyone to pray for this sweet little girl. This is the other Ella Grace (here is how our lives intersected.... read here and here) and this precious girl has just started a fight against Leukemia. Pray for her as she fights cancer and pray for her family!

I got a laptop for my 30th birthday which was 2 weeks ago and I am now promising to be a faithful blogger! I'm setting a goal to post at least once a week : ) There are a lot of things I have skipped over so I'm going to be posting pictures from the last several months along with some little stories!!!

Anyhow, yesterday was Mother's Day and aside from having to try to keep my kids quiet most of the day as their poor father was sleeping (he works 8pm to 7am) I had a great day. I got to spend some time with my mom on Mother's Day, which I just can't tell you how wonderful it is having her live so close!!! We went over to my friend Mary's house for dinner, she made a very yummy meal, and the entertainment was great (that would be Ella and Riley, those two are quite the pair!) Here are a few pics from yesterday.
The first is of me and Ella just after midnight Sat night/ Sun morning, 2 times last week Ella climbed up in my lap and fell asleep, I can't tell you before then when the last time she did that was.... just so happened that I had the camera right next to me because I had been loading pics into my computer. So after sitting this way for a couple of hours (I just love to snuggle with her, the weight of her little body resting on me brings tears to my eyes) I decided to remember the moment with a picture!!
Next is my favorite little guy. He went up to his room to play Legos and came down with a "present" for me, he did a picture of a vase of flowers on his Lite Bright. Oh, I just love him to pieces, I dread the day he becomes too cool to be so sweet and sensitive. Just look at that face, in his PJ's and t-ball hat, never has there been a sweeter boy, he is my amazing guy, the baby that first showed me what it was like to be a mom and how to love unconditionally and with all of my heart.

Here are pics of Ella and Riley, they are just too funny together.
After dinner they were playing a little game where they bossed my mom down to the end of the hall and then had a race down the hall, into the kitchen, out the other side into the living room then back down the hall. Over and over and over again. It was so funny!
Here is a very short video of the action, it was all I could get before my memory card was full. The laughter is priceless!!!


Alaina and Kyle said...

Oh I would love to meet you guys when we are up that way. We are dying to connect with other DS families around here. Ella is to precious!!


adorable ella !

Jennifer said...

Oh, Hunter!!! Brings tears to my eyes!!!! :)
If (I mean, WHEN) Vannah cries and night, and I go hold her, a little part of me is thinking, WHY aren't you sleeping, but a large part of me LOVES to hold her while she curls up in my arms. It's because they're our last babies. :)
Love you so much, girl! Glad you're getting back to blogging. I should do that too. ha ha

Cheryl said...

Love the pic. of Ella asleep on you,so sweet :)
I enjoyed the video,too!Such cuties!

Tiffany said...

I hadn't read the "other Ella" posts...holy cow!! I will keep them in my prayers. I love the new pictures!! I think the vase from hunter is my favorite!

Kelli said...

I so know that feeling of having them snuggle on you and it bring you to tears! Happy belated 30th birthday! Cute pictures! I love the pictures of Ella and Riley!

Mary said...

Thank you for celebrating mothers day with my family. It was a fun day. I love the video... apparently I missed most of the running. I was concentrating on chopping something :-)

I went back and read the orginal posts from when you first met Ella Grace the 2nd. Amazing to me that same post is where Kristen first contacted you as well. I hate that both of these babies are fighting for their lives. Life is so precious!

Colleen said...

That is SO sweet of your little guy to make that light bright creation for you. He looks so proud!:)

Becca said...

Wow, that story about how the other Ella Grace's family found you is just amazing! Really, really amazing.

Great photos, and the video is just too cute! Can Ella come and teach Samantha how to run properly? I swear, Sammi runs like an old man. LOL

The Mattesons said...

Your kids are just soooo stinkin' cute! Love them!!!