Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The dentist and T-ball practice

Today was a busy busy day for Ella. I took her into the dentist this morning because one of her adult teeth is coming in (she has lost 2 baby teeth) sideways and extremely close to another baby tooth, so close that I couldn't see the line seperating the two, and she has been kind of hitting herself with her knuckles right on that tooth so I was afraid she was in pain. Basically the dentist said that it probably is really uncomfortable right now because her ligaments are stretched really tight, didn't know you had ligaments there, and she doesn't want to do anything about it. We could pull the baby tooth but she doesn't want to "traumatize her" for something that doesn't have to be done. She did get a panoramic x-ray of Ella's mouth, which I was super impressed that Ella stood still for. She said the orthodontist won't do anything until Ella's 6 year molars come in and from the looks of the xray that will be another 1 1/2 to 2 years. She also said that Ella is going to need A LOT of work, which I already knew. Ella's mouth is horribly crowded, some of her baby teeth even overlap, she has an open bite, a super high narrow palate and she is tongue thrusting (which she thinks is due to the open bite.) Genetics probably play a huge rule in this for Ella. She has the same mouth structure as both my mom and me. I wore a palate expander from 2nd to 7th grade and then braces for 4 years. This kid is going to put us further into the poor house for sure!!!!! I just wish, and I am sure this sounds vain of me, that we could fix her teeth now!!!! I have this issue with teeth. I have seen too many adults with various special needs with really bad teeth and I always wonder if their parents spent the money to get the siblings teeth fixed but not the individual with special needs??? It's just one more thing to make Ella a possible target of teasing and so I would really rather it get taken care of right this instant. LOL. Anyhow, after the dentist she headed to school then after school it was home for lunch and then off to dance class and then this evening she had her first t-ball practice of the season!! Here are some pics from t-ball.....

Warming up....

Not the best pic, this is mid jump-n-jack, but I love the smile

Ella has grown a ton in the past year....but she is still so tiny : )

Ella getting some hitting practice with the coach.  A really funny thing....on Sunday when we were at the park Ella wanted my mom to pitch to her.  So she did.  And what do you know that kid hit like 5 balls, being pitched to, with a real bat!!! The first 2 pitches right in a row.  My mom and I were AMAZED and Ella had like a whatever attitude, like well that is what I am supposed to do!  It was awesome!!

This conversation went like this.....  little girl says to Ella "you are so cute and little."  Ella replies "I NOT! I FIVE!!!" and walks off.  ha!


Mac said...

Nice recreational activitiesl. Kids enjoyed the activities.

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Anonymous said...

She is so cute, thanks for sharing. I have an opinion question for you, my daughter has special needs(not down syndrome)and she is much smaller than other kids her age(4).I want to start her in sports like her sisters and I have the option to start her with a 4-5 year old group or a 3 year old group. What do think the pros and cons are of staying with the same age or did you not have an age group option? Feel free not to answer:)

Kacey Bode said...

Anonymous - I think there are pros and cons to both! For example Ella is in a ballet class that is for 3-4 year olds (she is 5 1/2). I did this for a couple of reasons...she is weaker than kids her age and ballet requires some controlled physical movements, and her attention span is not quite "typical." As far as t-ball goes, this is Ella's 2nd season playing. Last year she was actually the youngest on her team. I figured no one is really very good at tball, lol, so it wouldn't be too big of a deal. T-ball is nice because I am able to be on the field to assist her. SO, I guess I don't have a clear answer. Maybe it just depends on the sport itself and also the attitude of the league/coach. The tball league has been great and were very welcoming!!! Hopefully that helped a little : )