Thursday, May 31, 2012

Make up

I just keep falling further and further behind with this blog! Everyday, it seems, something happens and I think to myself I HAVE to blog about that. I have been faithfully keeping up my 365 blog but that doesn't require much writing. Anyhow, that picture up top..... that is my Ella. WOW! Right? We had to practice applying makeup this weekend because she had pictures with her ballet class on Tuesday and then has her recital coming up next week. I find myself going back to that picture on my computer every night since I took it and just staring. I have such mixed emotions about it. On the one hand I find this girl to be breath takingly beautiful (with or without makeup,) but on the other hand I get a little depressed because she looks SO grown up!!!

Like I said, dance class pictures were this past Tuesday. The girls all wore their costumes, did the pictures and then had their regular class. I have sat in on the class for the last several weeks as Ella was having some......behavior issues. Not really behavior but focusing issues. It all just kills me. When she dances she does fantastic. She is able to get into the positions beautifully, she remembers the routine she just loses the ability to pay attention after awhile. I think a HUGE part of it is her Graves Diease which very much acts like ADD and maybe some of it is that dance just might not be her thing, especially the slow pace of ballet. Maybe when she is a bit older she can do hip hop or something. LOL. I have to say I am really anxious about the upcoming recital. It will be either great or horrible, it's really a coin toss. I will just be glad when dance is over!!!! Here are some pics of Ella during class.

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Lyn said...

OMG, she is breathtaking! Love her costume and just look at those poses! I'm sure she'll do great, but I can appreciate your apprehensiveness, too! Can't wait to hear all about it...enjoy!