Thursday, June 7, 2012

Last day of preschool.......

Today was Ella's last day of preschool. It is so hard to wrap my brain around that!!! Ella has been at this preschool for 3 years now, over her half of her life. We will miss it, but we are ready to move on. I am so very glad that we pushed for that extra year of preschool, especially given all of Ella's issues revolving around Graves' Disease. We didn't accomplish some of the academic goals that I had in mind but Ella did do a lot of amazing things!!! We finally got her bladder issues all worked out and Ella is successfully wearing panties now (thanks to bladder capacity expanding medication!) Ella's speech is so great! She can write her first and last name as well as many other letters. She can cut with regular scissors, quite well may I add! The list could go on and on, but I feel very confident that Ella is ready for Kindergarten!!! I took some comparison pictures today.

Here are Hunter (first day of Kindergarten and looking so little himself) and Ella first day of preschool September 8th, 2009

And today Ella's last day of preschool. Hunter still has another week of 2nd grade!

So stinking cute!!!

1st day of school waiting to eat breakfast
Today signing in at school. (The kids have to write their names everyday to "sign" in."

So excited to start school

So excited to be shaking her instrument during the freeze song
Walking into the school for the first day.

Getting her certificate of completion of preschool!!!!
I feel so fortunate that Ella was able to be in an intergrated setting for all 3 years of preschool. She started school not talking much beyond "mama' "dadda" "bubba" "nana" and now she talks non-stop. She started as just a baby and now she is a big 5 year old. She learned SO much from her "typical" peers!!!!!! We had some great teachers and therapists and will really miss them all!!!!!

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amyl4 said...

Oh goodness, she is so cute! I love her little legs sticking out at the bottom of her backpack as she was walking away.:) Liam's backpack is almost as big as he is but he takes a lot of stuff to school.:) Elijah did an extra year of preschool and will be going to kindergarten in the Fall also.:) Have a wonderful summer!