Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all!!! Hope everyone had a great day! We sure did! Our living room looks like Toys-R-Us! The kids had fun, though Hunter has been sick (we spent 4 hours at the clinic on Sunday, he has bronchitis) and as we speak Ella has a 102+ fever. Fun fun fun. How many times in one day can you say "get a tissue" and "cover your mouth"?? Poor babies. They had fun though. Here are some pics of the day. I know there isn't much of Hunter but it was hard to find many pictures where he didn't have snot running out of his nose : )

Ella's new doll buggy. She does not like her babies to ride in it! She threw them both out!!

Sit to Stand V-tech

Head lamp and walkie talkie!!

Pretty picture of an Alaskan native girl (which is what Ella's room is decorated with)

Hunter's new scooby-doo underwear on his head. A sad tradition for our family, my sister and I had to pose every year with our new underwear on our head, so of course I decided to torture him : )

Ella's new rocking catepillar

New Sally car.

And here is my big girl walking across the living room pushing her doll buggy. She is simply amazing to me!!!


RK said...

Looks like a pretty fun day!

Amy Flege said...

great christmas photos! we have that same baby buggy that was my older daughters. i need to get it out and have mayson try and push it!!!

Laurie said...

OK. The underwear on the head tradition is the funniest thing I heard today! Love it!!

ANd I love seeing those walking pictures of Ella!

Merry Christmas!