Thursday, December 20, 2007


Funny story. Last night I was trying to print something off of the computer and the printer was not cooperating, so I yelled for Chris to come and help me. He was in here (the bedroom) for a whole 2 minutes then returned to the living room where our sweet innocent daughter was playing. Chris yelled for me, in that tone reserved for when one of our children are doing something they are not supposed to be. So, rolling my eyes I walk into the living room. Ella immediately grunts/yells at me and turns her back to me. When I finally get a good look at her this is what I see.

Ella pulled herself up on Hunter's desk and found the other half of his candy cane (which may I add that Santa gave him when he visited his class at school, which I had to hear about all day.) somehow unwrapped it and began sucking on it. Now, I must admit that I was quite amazed and my first thought was, wow she is SO smart, she actually got that unwrapped and did not shove the whole thing in her mouth, I have to get the camera!!! Of course then I realized what a mess she had made and worse yet that I had better get her cleaned up fast as to dispose of the evidence before Hunter found out!! What a sticky mess she was, and let me tell you she was VERY angry to have that candy cane taken away after she had worked so hard!!


Liesl said...

smartie pants!

RK said...

My goodness, what a little sneaky thing, that one. How innovative, though! And I just love her expression in that first pic...priceless.

Laurie said...

I have to agree with rk- that 1st pic is the best :)

I read this story and was so proud of Ella!

Michelle said...

oh that sneaky little girl! LOL She sure does appear to be enjoying the candy cane!