Monday, December 31, 2007

15 month checkup

Ella had her 15 month "well baby" checkup today, never mind the fact that she is 16 months old : ) I mean seriously the kid is at the doctors enough does she really need a checkup? (We were in there last Friday because her breathing still sounded rough every once in a while and obviously I didn't want it to get as bad as it had on Wednesday, and the doctor prescribed us a nebulizer and breathing treatments, and since then she has been doing really good.) Because I have been so far behind on her shots I figured I'd take her in!

What did her checkup reveal???? Besides the fact that she is amazing : ) (her doctor even said so) not much. She weighed in at 24lbs 11ozs (so glad to see she has slowed down on the gain) and she is 30 inches tall, and her head is 18 1/4 inches! For the first time in her life her measurements are all in the same percentile (on the down syndrome growth chart ) ~ 95% + Yay, I'm so glad her height has caught up with her weight. Other than that, her ears look wonderful, the Dr said she could see the tubes and they were beautiful, her lungs still sound good ( I was worried that this crud she has would turn into pneumonia like it did last year) and she even said that she thought her muscle tone had improved (after messing with her hips.)

Things have been a little hectic around here, we have been packing up our house, hoping any day to get word on the early out of the Air Force. Knowing them we will probably find out the day before we are supposed to leave, but what can you do??? Better run, I hear Miss Thing waking up from her nap!!! Take care.

P.S. - To James-Liz-Lindsey that left a comment on my blog, the song Amazing is song by Janelle, the album is Livin for Something. I had never heard it but when putting a song to my photo montage I found it on the website. I LOVE that song, I found the album for sale on if you are interested (you can also download the song from there for .99 cents)

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James-Liz-Lindsey said...

thank you so much. Your family story has been so amazing for us. Your words & pictures have been such an inspiration to us, the strength you have given me is priceless. My Lindsey makes my day shine. Seeing the smiles on Ellas face gives us hope that my daughter will be just fine!!!!
-James,Liz & Lindsey-