Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Day photos


Ohh, Santa did come!

Love his sleepy

Hers too : )

So excited about
her new baby
and high chair!


A cool scooter with
flames on it!

Hunter loves flames!

My grandmom got both
of them these really cool
chairs, they are a big


Cash register, the
boy LOVES numbers
and money!

Hard to tell but
Ella is holding a
little mirror and
looking at herself
while wearing her

Hunter on his

Checking out his

and reading

Ella's cheesy smile

My budding photographer
got a new camera from nana
and g-pa, I think he has taken
about 50 pics : )

Helmet Hero!
Thanks a lot Aunt Tami,
he loves it, me however..
I need ear plugs : )
Issuing me a citation

Feeding her baby,

I'll share the story
about the blanket
and baby at the end....

O Christmas tree..

Ella was SO tired
that's what she gets for
going to bed at 1am

Playing with her new
doll house Aunt Tami
got her!

this is MINE!!!"

The chairs again, this
time used as tunnels

Hunter with his new
"campfire" lantern that
has a remote!

Whew! We had a busy morning. We started at 6am, have I ever mentioned on here that we are SO NOT morning people???, so Chris could see the kids Santa stuff and we could all open gifts before he headed off to work at 8. Needless to say the kids (and the grownups) were very sleepy, but Hunter was very excited so it all went great!!!
The blanket and Cabbage Patch doll story.... Ella's school, Spokane Guild School and Neuromuscular Center, allowed every family that fell within a certain income bracket to "shop" at Mrs Santa's Workshop. It is so cool. They get toys donated from private donaters as well as buisnesses, send out invitations to the family and the parents are allowed to come in and get a gift for all of their children. So, Ella got the baby and blanket and Hunter got a LeapPad Learning System. I know I always say this but her school is just so wonderful, not only in the services they provide Ella but also in the way they treat the families!!
I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!!!!


Denise said...

How Ella Grace had on the exact same outfit today for Christmas....must have shopped at Target!! Great pics...I loved the way Ella is with her baby doll.

Kristen said...

My favorite is the one where Ella is sitting in her chair sideways. I also really like the one with the two kids at the kitchen ("move over bubba, this is mine.") The one of them using their chairs as tunnels is super cute too!!! OK, I guess I don't have a favorite!! They're all sooooo cute!!!

Anonymous said...

They looked like they had sooooooooooo much fun!!!! That is what Christmas morning is all about (even the getting up early part)! I'm glad Hunter liked the helmet, although I think you grown ups need to respect his authority as an officer and take your tickets! Ha! Looks like Ella likes the dollhouse too! Maybe they both can play with it together, if she lets him! Ha! We will try and call tonight! We love ya's and the pics are priceless! Love, Aunt Tami and family

Mary said...

Girl there are never too many pictures of kiddos have fun on Christmas morning. So when do you leave to see that new niece of yours. Our nephew arrived the 21st maybe when the snow melts in June we will get to see him. Will you be online on this vacation? OR will I go through Kacey withdrawls?

The Mattesons said...

Those two are just so cute!!! We got two of the helmet things...glad there wasn't a third to get! It looks like you all had a wonderful day and glad you could enjoy it with the hubby before work.

Melissa @ Banana Migraine said...

What a fun day! I loved looking at all the pictures- they are both so cute!!

Kristen said...

I just noticed something...we have that same count-down to Christmas calendar where you move the mouse each day! (in the 1st picture) I grew up with it and my mom a few years ago found it in a store and bought one for me so now my kids will have it too! I just thought it was cool that we had the same one.

Kari said...

Looks like the kiddos had a great X-mas. BTW there are never too many Pics LOL :)