Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Flower Power

My friend Jennifer and I bought our girls matching dresses that we found on clearance at Kohls, they were on clearance so we had to buy them : ) So we had the girls wear their new dresses to church on Sunday, they were so cute! Are we big dorks for matching our kids like they are twins? Yep, but we get a kick out of it, plus we get cute pics!!! Anyhow, we've been busy the kids were both sick last week, Hunter had the croup and Ella had a sinus infection. The kids and I are heading up to Alaska to visit my parents on July 3rd and will be there for 7 weeks so I have been trying to get stuff ready for that trip. It is really hard to pack for Alaska you never know if it is going to be in the 90's or 50's. And what would you know, Ella has outgrown most of her clothes, at least her pants. It's been a little sad getting ready for this trip, it will be our last long summer in Alaska as we are all moving to Washington next year. I always thought I would be moving back to Alaska, I absolutely love it there. It's funny how things change. My mom has for as long as I can remember had the "everything happens for a reason" attitude, it used to drive me so crazy. As I get older though, especially since Ella has been born I guess I can see what she has meant. Every event in my life has prepared me for where I am. It is so weird, when I first had my quad-screen at 16 weeks pregnant and it came back with a 1 in 201 chance of Down syndrome, I was crying on the phone to my mom. She said " I hate to say this, but if I could ever imagine anyone with a special needs child it would be you." and she said " I always knew you would do something with children." It's interesting because I could totally in vision myself adopting or fostering a child with special needs, but was completely devastated when I had Ella. I guess because it wasn't on my own terms. Anyhow, back to the everything happens for a reason..... I think that moving to Spokane, which is basically because it is better for Ella, will be better than had we moved to Alaska for all of us. My parents are very excited to be moving and starting over again, and Spokane just seems to fit into all of our life styles better. It is so strange though to sit back and think about what you had just a year ago thought your life path was and to see what it is now, but hey "everything happens for a reason" right???? Here is a pic of Ella's favorite thing to do with her dress, EAT IT!!!!

And here she is tired of me taking pictures!
And last, she is trying to attack the camera!!


RK said...

The dresses are adorable, and clearance makes everything better!

Melissa @ Banana Migraine said...

They just look too cute in their matching dresses :)

Shannon @ Gabi's World said...

So adorable! It's a great color for her!

Shannon said...

What adorable pics! I'm sad I missed the "twinkies" on Sunday...how sweet! I hope you all have a wonderful vacation in Alaska...I'll have to talk to you about it sometime. I've always wanted to go there, and it may be a possibilty for our next station. :)

Amy said...

Wow - she sure is cute! I love the matching dresses with her friend. What a great idea!