Saturday, June 9, 2007


Yes, it's true, my 3 year old has a girlfriend and apparently it is quite serious these days. The little girl in the picture is Wimawee, as Hunter calls her or Emily to the rest of us. She is the daughter of our good friends that we go to church with. A couple of weeks ago we drove past a very large church here in town and Hunter said

"Mom, people get married there."

"Yes, Hunter people probably do get married there."
"I'm going to get married."

with a snicker "Who are you going to marry?"

he replied "my girlfriend."

"Who is your girlfriend?"


"Wimawee is going to wear her pretty church dress. Mom will you buy me a new shirt to get married in?"

"Yes honey when you get married I will buy you a new shirt."

"And shoes?"

"Yes, I will buy you shoes too. How old are you going to be when you get married?"


AHHHHHH!!! My baby boy is growing up SOOOO fast, it is scary. Sadly when the day comes for him to get married I will look back and remember this conversation and it will seem like just yesterday.

Hunter and Emily are so funny together, Hunter will tell anyone who will listen about his girlfriend. They even cry when they are separated. Emily is 4 and Hunter is 3 and let me tell you those two play so good together, they never fight!!! It's really cool, plus Emily has a little sister that is a week younger than Ella so it makes it really easy for us to hang out with their parents!!! Here are a few pics of Ella and Emily's little sister Savannah!!


Michelle said...

I was just going to leave a comment asking you about Wichita Falls when I got your comment on my blog about if we're going through TX.

I can't find your email right now so hope you don't mind the long comment :)

We're not actually going through TX on our way to OK. We'll be staying in OK (Altus) with Joe's parents. While we're there his parents are planning on going to WF for shopping (Circuit City) that's where they go for "big shopping" since there isn't anything in Altus.

I didn't particularly care to go because electronics doesn't interest me like that and I'm bored in Circuit City LOL They were going to take Kayla, but she's less interested than I am! She has no interest in walking around that store! So I thought I could take her to a zoo or something while they shopped, but I don't think there is a zoo there as I couldn't find anything on line.

I saw a number of parks w/playgrounds and thought I could take her there to run around (if it's not too unbearably hot since it's summer!). Do you have any thoughts or suggestions on what is close by Circuit City where they could drop us off at? It would be really neat to meet you while/if I'm there!

Amy Flege said...

Hi and thanks for checking out my blog which led me to yours!! your little Ella Grace is just a doll! She is doing so well too. You must be proud. do you mind if i link up ???

Michelle said...

could you send me an email at mdbeau98 @ yahoo ? I think we might be able to work this out! They are probably going to Best Buy, not Circuit City ... my MIL said it's across the street from the far do you live from there?

That sounds like a great idea to bring Kayla over there, if you're sure you don't mind! I'm sure she wouldn't mind playing w/your son and especially the pool!

So please email me and we'll figure this out! I don't know what day yet they are planning on going, probably Thur though.