Monday, June 30, 2008

A TON of pictures

Okay, so this is really a bit overboard on pictures, but I can't help it. I can't resist taking a ton of pics of my kiddos, and they were just especially cute yesterday!! It has been pretty hot here, in the high 90's so we got out the kids pool. The water was absolutley freezing!! Ella was not exactly impressed. Here are the pics......

Looking pretty in her new Elmo
bathing suit!

So beautiful!

Strong girl pushing mommy's habit
across the floor.

He hee, the pool is fun!

Holy cow, that is freezing!

Get me out of here!!!

Ha ha, much more fun on the outside.

He is telling me how fast he went
down a slide.

We got Ella out a rubbermaid and filled
it with warm water.

Much happier!

Another story???

Splash splash

Boo-hoo face at eachother.


and hugs!

When is a rubber ducky cool to a 4 year old? When he can squirt his
parents with it!

Strong man.

She climbed up in this chair by herself
and was quite proud!

So lady like!

I thought this was so cute. She took off walking down the hall at our apartments, she seems so big to me but this puts it into perspective, she is just a tiny baby! My little Ella Grace is 22 months today. In 2 months she will be 2 years old. Wow. I will have to sit down and write out all of her recent accomplishments soon. She is so amazing!


Bethany said...

OMG your kids are SO adorable! They remind me so much of my own kids. Looks like a fun time in the pool!

Melissa @ Banana Migraine said...

Oh my goodness those are some cute pictures! What cuties you have!!!

The one of her getting in the cold water is so funny - her expression is priceless!

Mommy to those Special Ks said...

GREAT pics!!! I loved them all! I can't believe Ella Grace is walking at such a young age!! That's so awesome! :)

Anonymous said...

That was great!! They looked like they had sooo much fun!! Isnt that what it is all about after all! My favorites are the one of Ella in the cold water! Her face is adorable! And the pic of her and Hunter doing the boo hoo face to each other--just great! I cant believe how big they are both getting. MiMi and Papa had a blast there visiting with their grandbabies! They took so many pics and they were all wonderful--of course! Hope to talk to you soon-check your email! Love, Aunt Tami and family

Kristen said...

I really enjoyed these pictures! Thanks for sharing. Ella has so many face expressions. The girl cracks me up! So much personality. I wish I could see her in person for myself. You do a great job of capturing her personality through all the photos.

Laurie said...

Smiles from me!! You already know how much I adore your cuties :)

Sandi said...

So darn stinkin cute!!

Michelle said...

I love the pictures! The kids are so adorable!

Chris said...

Gotta agree--she is amazing and so cute!!

Her brother's pretty adorable too!!!

Anonymous said...

These are great pics. I love the one of Ella walking down the walkway. I just see all of the places she is headed and the amazing future she has in front of her. She is going to take the world by storm and make everyone laugh and feel better for knowing her along the way.

So do you and your beautiful kiddos have time to play on Thursday? Riley has a check up at 10:30 in the valley and then I'm taking the rest of the day off and wanna play :-)

Mary said...

How adorable! You can never take too many pictures! I love the boohoo faces and the lovey-dovey ones of course!

Kari said...

There can never be too many photos. In all honesty it is the main reason I come by :) Gorgeous kiddos!! Well I also come by to see how you are all doing too.

The Bliss Family said...

I love the pics. The 1st two pics of Ella in her swimsuit looks like she's modeling! So cute. I think it's wonderful that your kids love each other so much and get along.

Stephanie said...

what a beauty she is!!!