Monday, July 23, 2007


4 Generations of women, my grandmom, mom, me and Ella. I have to say I feel extremely lucky that I have such a young family, and that we can all be together. My grandmom is leaving tonight to head back to Georgia, and in our typical fashion we waited till the last day to take pictures of the four of us, and of course it was rainy all day. Oh well, we got a few good ones, a lot of funny ones too!! It was hard to get us all looking at the same time, my poor dad was trying to take the pictures and get Ella to look at him and smile while Hunter was running around like a maniac and of course Ella was watching him. Here are some of the better ones.

Then when we came in my dad said, "just think in another 18 years you can take pictures of 5 generations." Ugh. Of course he didn't think about Ella and having a baby of her own. Now, I know that physically she can have a baby, with a 50% chance of having a Down syndrome baby, but mentally probably could not handle a baby. I know it is such a touchy subject and really I don't care to think that far in the future right now. My mom said to my dad "I think you are forgetting
something," pointing at Ella. He said "You never know it could happen." Ugh again. My husband is pretty much the same way, they don't really look at the whole picture. Anyhow, I'm going to get off of this train of thought before it depresses me. So, enjoy the pics : )


RK said...

My goodness those are some good pics! What a good-lookin' family!

I know what you mean about the comments of "generations to come" and such. I don't know what will happen in 20 years, but I'm sure things will be different than they are now. Look how far things have come in the last 20! So maybe Braska and Ella will be able to have families and maybe not... I'm with you, though, about not dwelling too much on it... can be a bummer. Plus for now, it's great to just focus on the fun!

PS...I know you were traveling, but wanted to make sure you got your Rockin' award

Michelle said...

those are beautiful 4-generation pics! I like how everyone is in red - it really stands out. We took some 4 generation shots when we were in MD too, and it was almost on the last day as well :)

Amy Flege said...

holy smokes.. those pictures are great!! you are so lucky to have such a young family!!!

Katrina said...

Great pics!! Does your grandmother live in Marietta?? That would be cool to meet you all when you come to visit!