Sunday, July 29, 2007


Hunter and Ella's Uncle Dustin (my brother) and Aunt Marie came up here to Alaska to visit today. They live in Georgia and stopped over in Vegas to get married and are up here for 2 weeks. Dustin was able to fly out and meet Ella when she was 5 weeks old, boy has she changed since then!!! I have to say that these are the first pictures of Ella in a long time where she has actually looked little to me, it helps that my brother is 6'3" : ) Hunter of course loves having another guy around to play and wrestle with! Here are a few pics of Ella and her Uncle.

Here is Ella with the happy new married couple!

Uncle Dustin thinks Ella's chubby belly is funny!

And Ella thinks it is funny to eat Aunt Marie's hair!


RK said...

So cool that family could come out and visit! Ella looks like she's stealing the show from the newlyweds for sure, though.

Jennifer said...

She is getting so big!! How cute they are! I'm glad you are having fun with your brother!