Thursday, July 12, 2007

So BIG!!!

How big is Ella????

SO BIG!!! Yep, this is Ella's new favorite game. It is so cute, especially how those chunky little arms barely go above her head. But, as always the best part is how thrilled she gets with herself.
Know what else is SO big????
MOOSE!!! These two moose were walking through my parent's front yard. Crazy huh? Only in Alaska, (well maybe not, but it's the only place I've been where these things happen and it's just another day!) I'm glad that we had come in from playing and didn't meet up with these two face to face! I have fond memories of walking to the bus stop in the middle of the winter, no street lights and armed with only a 4 inch flashlight, scared to death that I may walk between a mom and baby moose. Ahhh, childhood. Funny but I am still scared of the same thing. My mom and sister and I have been taking walks and I still jump at any little noise, sticks breaking about makes me pee my pants. Oh and did I mention that this year alone 9 bears have been shot in this area?? So as we are walking I keep running through my head okay if it is a grizzly then do you play dead or do you run or do you fight it, and how about if it is a black bear? I guess when I just passout from fear we will see : )
And finally, how about a little moose hiney!!


Amy Flege said...

yeah on "so big"! isnt it so precious!!!

Liesl said...

so big! very very cute.
moose hiney, not so cute!
i'd be scared of them, too. but looking at them from the window would be way cool.

cana is better. i think she didn't even come in contact with someone who could have gotten the chicken pox--the wed night before her illness, there was only one baby there, gabriel. and lukus had her during the prayer service--no nursery. so somehow, i think we managed to keep the contamination limited!

RK said...

Wow... that's the closest I've seen moose... I'd be worried too.

Love the cute-as-a-button happy girl pic!

Unknown said...

Oh, how big sweet Ella Grace is getting....and wow, look at those moose!