Friday, July 6, 2007

Hey from Alaska!

Well we made it to Alaska. It was a very long flight, 13 hours to be exact, the kids were very well behaved but it was still very long. Ella was hard to deal with, she just wanted to get down and play so instead she busied herself with pulling my hair, standing up, sitting down, pestering her brother, and trying to throw herself off of my lap to get down.
The weather is absolutely beautiful up here, it has been in the 80's the last two days, and as you know this is the "Land of the Midnight Sun" which of course means it is light 24 hours a day. Hunter, the smarty that he is, has used the "but it's still sunny out" excuse to avoid going to bed. On the 4th we went to Alaskaland, which is definitely no Disneyland, they have a playground and a train and little shops. Hunter had fun, so it was worth it. When we got back to my parents they gave him his big present, a John Deere power wheel, ya know the car for 3 year olds. Boy is he in heaven. He looks so big driving that thing around!
It has been a little bit strange being here. I guess Ella's having Down syndrome is more real to me here. Maybe because I am out of my comfort zone so to speak. I guess I forget, not really but put it out of my mind, when I am at home and around my friends that see her all the time. So, flying on the plane and being in the airports it was the same old "are those people staring at her?" Plus I think the older she gets the more her features stand out. She has started here lately with her mouth hanging open more and her tongue sticking out more, which she wasn't really doing. What makes me so mad/upset is that I even think this way. I KNOW that it doesn't matter and I KNOW that I love her just the way she is and that she is perfect to me, but my mind always defaults back to the why and being so defensive about her. I drive myself crazy.
Anyhow, the kids are being wonderfully spoiled. My grandma and sister are also here visiting and after they leave my brother and his new wife will be here, and my kids just eat up all of the attention. So, that's it for today, I will put pictures on pretty soon, my parents computer takes forever for them to upload and it is after midnight so I am heading to bed.

PS - Katrina that commented on my last post, I wrote you back on that same post.


Katrina said...

Hey! So glad to hear you made it there safely!! I couldn't imagine a 13 hour flight with two little kids!! You are brave!! I had written you a big long post but for some reason this site wouldn't except my password so I had to start all over..It sounds like your son made out with his new wheels!! Before long Miss Ella will want to ride. It sounds like the weather is nice there, we have finally had a break with the heat wave here. I can't wait to see some pics from there. I will send ya some pics asap..I only get a few minutes here and there on the computer with Jakey and all..I have 6 kiddos in all from 18 years to 4 months. How wild is this..I actually live in Cobb County!! Jacob was born in Marietta at Kennestone Hospital!! I was so excited to see that you have family here! It would be awesome to meet you all. I wish you were moving here. We pretty much have four seasons. And think of all the babysitters you would have, not to mention Ella's boyfriend is here!! Ok I'm writing a book so I will go and email you! Have fun and tell people that stare at that pretty girl "Don't you wish you were as pretty?"!! Or "She is beautiful isn't she??"

Take care and post pics asap!!


Liesl said...

glad to hear you are safe in alaska! you have fun and don't let the looks of people get you down. she is a doll baby and a half--can't wait till our triplet birthday barbeque!

Michelle said...

glad you made it there safely! I remember flying once w/Kayla at that age, and again when she was almost 2 - it's very hard to keep that age occupied on a plane!