Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Brother and Sister

Here are some pics of the kiddos. I love when I actually get them both to sit still long enough to be in the same picture, and today they were both pretty cooperative!

I know Hunter looks less than thrilled but he actually thought it was pretty funny that Ella was sitting on his back, although he said "mom Ella is really heavy!"

Ella thought it was really fun to pull Hunter's hair.
Hauling precious cargo!!

Well, he didn't really haul her, just posed for the pics.
Ella wanted to taste the trailer.
Awww, Hunter is so sweet to Ella!! I hope that this will always be the case! I know they will have their moments, what brother and sister don't, but I hope they are close through out their lives. Sometimes I think all of this isn't really fair to Hunter, he will have to deal with a lot because of his sister. But I hope that it will make him a stronger, caring, and more compassionate person!
As a side note, I forgot to mention that the day before we left home, I got a call from the pediatric clinic on base saying that Ella does have low thyroid. I had her tested when she was 6 months old and she was close but still in the normal range, then again at 9 months and she is in fact low, well the number is high but that means low thyroid. Anyhow, so I was upset that we couldn't get her on meds before we came here for 7 weeks but I guess once shes on it she has to be retested. I'm very interested to see if the medication will increase her endurance, and if she will slim down a little which will have to be easier to move around. Don't get me wrong I love my little chunky monkey but she doesn't really eat THAT much and therefore shouldn't weigh this much. So we will have an appointment when we get home, yipee.


Jennifer said...

They are soo cute! In that last pic, she looks a LOT like Chris! I know how everyone feels about you posting pics, now. I check your blog every couple hours to see if there are new ones. Emily was THRILLED to see these! She misses her man!

Laurie said...

What sweet siblings :)

Chase has hypo-thyroidism, too. The endocrinologist put him on Levoxyl, which dissolves in water, so it's super easy for Chase to take (rather than Synthroid, which I had to grind up and was a big pain in the butt).

Melissa @ Banana Migraine said...

Those are the cutest set of pictures! I'm sorry about the thyroid news.

Pam said...

Oh my goodness your kiddos are BEAUTIFUL!! I just saw your link on The Flege Farm and wow!! I just love those picts! Rhett wants to know if Ella is taken or not..... wink wink!!

Michelle said...

Are you near any military bases there? Since you are there for 7 wks you could see if you can get in there to start her on the meds and have them follow her until you went home.

Love the pic of them in the wagon!

Katrina said...

Love the pics of my future daughter-in-law (yes Rhett's mom, Ella is taken!!)and her big bro. I know I still need to email some pics of Jakey...anyway about her thyroid I too have hypothyroidism and I take armour thyroid (it is the original non-synthetic meds but better imo because it provides both thyroid hormones T3 and T4)Most mainstream docs don't prescribe it though, although I have read where many people say it works better than just the T4 meds (synthroid, levoxyl, etc..)either way she will probably lose some weight quickly and have more energy. I lost 10lbs right away when I went on meds. 10 years ago. I will have Jakey's tested next month, hopefully he won't have it as he needs to gain some weight! He just had his heart surgery three weeks ago so he has some catching up to do. Have a great trip and see if you can get her the meds quicker like someone else here said. Give Miss Ella a kiss for Jakey.:)


Laurie said...

Chase was only 3 weeks old when he was put on meds...and he was still in the NICU, so I really can't say that I noticed a difference. Sorry I can't help more!

BUT- my hubby has hypothyroidism, too (we're just full of fun surprises) and he TOTALLY notices a difference being on synthroid. When he forgets a dose he gets really sleepy.